What would your life be like if you shaped your days with the true understanding of what you really bring to those you serve?

As a coach, sales trainer and adviser, my role is to guide you in gaining a clear understanding of how your strengths affect your results and help you feel more comfortable when reaching out to your prospects as you grow your business organically and productively. Sound good? Let's connect!


Private Coaching

I’ve helped thousands of customer service and sales people in the U.S. and Canada gain more trust in the eyes of their prospects and increase sales. Why do … Read More ...

An intelligently crafted opening statement lets prospects know how you can help them – in the first nine seconds of your call – without turning them off and making them want to reject you and hang up. Looking for new ideas? Drop me a line!

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Golden Accomplishments

Not everyone can truthfully say they have achieved "golden accomplishments", but Chad and Emily and Kevin can. And it's awesome to be … Read More...