Forget Cold Calls – Do This Instead


3 serious questions to ask yourself:

1.  Have all of your inactive customers been contacted during the past three months?

2.  Are all of your current and past customers aware of ALL of the products and services you have to offer?

 3.  Do ALL of your customers buy everything they could possibly buy from you?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions – think about it:

Do you really want to start making cold calls before all of your inactive customers have been contacted?

If your focus is on bringing in new customers by cold calling BEFORE contacting inactive customers, you are actually leaving money on the table.

Before making more cold calls, think about this:

  • Your current customers KNOW you
  • They LIKE you, and
  • They TRUST you!

So … you will get less rejection and more sales when you contact your current clients.

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And here is a fact -

Your employees may have skills you are not aware of yet. Grace wrote this:

“Ann, during your e-Course I have gotten more confidence in speaking and relaying to people the information I need in order for me to help them. People seem to respond and open up to me with more information. Thank you!”

- Marie Grace Dace, Account Executive, Maunakea Integrated Solutions, Honolulu, Hawaii


3 Best Ways to Answer the Dreaded Price Objection

hassan-ouajbir-IYU_YmMRm7s-unsplashYou know that feeling, when the prospect seems interested, you’ve given your perfect presentation,
then …

... gulp. You hear the dreaded price objection :-(

What to do first:

  • Wait for the prospect to finish speaking.
  • Pause for 3-5 seconds.
  • Then ask a question.

 Prospect: “I’ve seen lower prices on this product.”


1.) Your answer: ” I understand. Are you saying that our prices are high in comparison to Internet prices or our competitors?”

The prospect may have seen lower prices on the Internet. If that’s the case, you can share horror stories from your customers about their negative experiences buying from websites like ebay.

If your price is higher than the competition’s, this opens the door for you to differentiate on value. You have more to offer than just price.

Prospect: “It’s too expensive.”

2.) Your answer: “I understand. In fact, I had two other customers just like you who were uneasy about the price at first. But what they found was … “

Use quotes from your happy customers who have written to focus on the value of buying your products, like free training, etc.

Prospect: “Your price is too high.”

3.) Your answer: “Setting price aside, do we have the product/service you want to buy?”

If the prospect answers “yes,” you can follow up with a very important follow-up question.

Your follow-up question:  In addition to price, what else is important to you?” 

After your prospect replies, you can stress the benefits your company offers, like fast delivery, personal service and you can quote from positive testimonials you have received.

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Hidden Talent

hidden-594142_640You might know someone like this person.

Intelligent, kind and thoughtful – with a great personality…

… and if you met for the first time and asked: “Where do you work?” or “What do you do?”

You might NOT think the answer would be “I’m in sales.”
(Sort of like Kevin.)

True Story

When I learned what my uncle did for a living, I was surprised.

Aunt Veronica had described her husband’s work as “he’s in business.”

But she left something out

Only after reading the words written on the awards and plaques in their den, did I find out my uncle was in sales!  And VERY successful!

WHY was this surprising?

Because my uncle did not display any of the characteristics generally thought of as a “typical” salesman. (You know what that means.)

And because Aunt Veronica never mentioned that her husband was in sales.

It was as though he had hidden talent.

If you know someone like this, who wants to be in sales but doesn’t think he – or she – has the right personality, please forward this post to him – or her.

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Your Questions

scott-graham-5fNmWej4tAA-unsplashYou probably know that the way you ask questions today should be totally different than ever before.


Because many businesses are having financial difficulties due to the Coronavirus disease.

The questions you ask prospects and clients now require exceptional planning in order to build trust and get the answers you need – to understand how you can help the prospect/client.

Getting Results

Emily Turcan has gained critical information as a result of the questions she has been asking after completing my e-Course.

From Emily

“This e-Course has given me a sense of confidence to outwardly ask questions that in the past made me feel uncomfortable. I am now able to gain information I previously would have let fall through the cracks. Thanks, Ann!”

Emily Turcan
Statistical Sales Analyst
ACT 3D Equipment and Sales
Cromwell, CT

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3 Smartest Ways to Win Them Back

light-bulbs-1875384_640You and I know it’s rough out there now for businesses.

Your clients are jittery, to say the least.

But you have the opportunity to help them feel more confident and less fearful.


1.)  Let them know you are empathetic. Reach out by phone and email.

2.)  Help your clients cope with the challenges they face now. Offer structural changes to financial arrangements.

3.)  Deliver a thoughtful and caring message today and you will win back the business and trust of clients who had confidence in you in the past.

How You Can Earn New Sales

Have you thought about earning new sales from your clients by adding different products?

This is what Xerox is doing now – manufacturing completely different products

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PS. If you know someone you believe can be successful at sales but s/he disagrees, Click here to see this true story