3 Best Ways to Answer the Dreaded Price Objection

hassan-ouajbir-IYU_YmMRm7s-unsplashYou know that feeling, when the prospect seems interested, you’ve given your perfect presentation,
then …

... gulp. You hear the dreaded price objection :-(

What to do first:

  • Wait for the prospect to finish speaking.
  • Pause for 3-5 seconds.
  • Then ask a question.

 Prospect: “I’ve seen lower prices on this product.”


1.) Your answer: ” I understand. Are you saying that our prices are high in comparison to Internet prices or our competitors?”

The prospect may have seen lower prices on the Internet. If that’s the case, you can share horror stories from your customers about their negative experiences buying from websites like ebay.

If your price is higher than the competition’s, this opens the door for you to differentiate on value. You have more to offer than just price.

Prospect: “It’s too expensive.”

2.) Your answer: “I understand. In fact, I had two other customers just like you who were uneasy about the price at first. But what they found was … “

Use quotes from your happy customers who have written to focus on the value of buying your products, like free training, etc.

Prospect: “Your price is too high.”

3.) Your answer: “Setting price aside, do we have the product/service you want to buy?”

If the prospect answers “yes,” you can follow up with a very important follow-up question.

Your follow-up question:  In addition to price, what else is important to you?” 

After your prospect replies, you can stress the benefits your company offers, like fast delivery, personal service and you can quote from positive testimonials you have received.

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