3 Reasons Why it is Important to Leave a Voice Mail Message

important-noteAnd why it is not a waste of time.

But . . .

. . .  it can be frustrating.

Making call after call and not reaching a human . . .

. . .  and just hearing a voice mail message.

How often do you end up listening to a voice mail message when you’ve made an outbound call?

Most of my clients have found it is upwards of fifty percent!

That’s why it is critical to leave an interesting and attention-getting message.

3 Reasons Why it’s Important to leave a Voice Mail Message

  1. Important – if you know who you are calling and why.
  2. Important – if you have a product or service s/he needs or wants.
  3. Important - if you leave a positive, attention-getting message with a good reason for the prospect to return your call..

Be prepared for not hearing back the same day or the next day – or even the next week.

Think about this:

With your voice mail message you are planting a “thought seed.”

The listener now knows your name and company name and what you can provide.

It is very possible s/he has been thinking about the need for what you have to offer.

But work can get in the way of making that call back to you.

Or life gets in the way.

In the back of their mind, they DO intend to phone you.  (The power of positive thinking.)

Sometimes they need – and will appreciate – a follow-up reminder call.

And  . . . have you made two or three phone calls to the same prospect and left voice mail messages but haven’t received a return call?

In my e-book Voice Mail Tips & Scripts, you will discover the perfect message to leave for that prospect.

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a spectacular day!

- Ann