5 Tips Before You Make that First Call

coffee-2608864_640Before you make the call you are not looking forward to making …

 Think first – before you make that call – about doing these 5 things:

1.) Before making cold calls, read the testimonials and positive quotes customers have written for – and about – you or your company’s products or services. They are important.

2.) Really read those testimonials and positive quotes because you will feel more confident when you make calls. 

3.) Approach your calls with the knowledge that you are helping people because you have a product or service that will make their lives better or easier.

4.) The prospects you are calling use or need what you have to offer.

5.)  And remember that you are the value. 

Important: Prepare in advance

*  The questions you ask prospects are critical

*  Your initial question can establish rapport, trust and respect.

*  If they trust and like you they are more likely to become a loyal customer.

*  You can get to know their needs and wants better if you ask the right questions.

*  These would be fact finding – open-ended questions.

Examples – effective open-ended questions:

  • “What went into the decision to purchase your copier?”
    (NOT “why did you buy that copier” which puts them on the defensive.)
  • “How are you currently handling back order situations?”
    (NOT “do you have a second source in case you have a back order situation?”)
  • “How would you describe that experience?”

Planning Your Follow-up Appointment

With these questions you can uncover information that will allow you to come back on a follow up appointment and have the information that can motivate the prospect to purchase.

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