6 Essential Words

deleece-cook-1167525-unsplash6 Essential Words Get Attention Fast.

Why do these words matter?

Because they MOTIVATE prospects to become mentally involved in the conversation.

When you use one or two of these words in your introductory statement or email, you will capture your prospect’s attention immediately.

What are these 6 words?

They are known as “Positive Power Words.”

When you fit one or two into your presentation (in a way that makes sense), something good happens – the prospect LISTENS to you and becomes interested in what you’re saying!

6 Positive Power Words

1.) Entitle

2.) Program

3.) Qualify

4.) Flexible

5.) Preferred

6.) Alert


A great attention-getting subject line to use when emailing clients to warn them about fraudulent telemarketers:

“Consumer Alert”

This is from Week 2 of the one-to-one e-course – and that subject line can double your open rate!

You will get more attention when using one of the Positive Power Words in a “High-Impact-High-Gain” question (page 7 in Week 2 of the e-course.)

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