8 Compelling Words

ashley-whitlatch-MGKGuMP9nLY-unsplash (1)If you have ever gotten a phone call from an angry or annoyed client, this message is for you.
The call-
It was a rainy Tuesday morning when the call came through to Brenda in Dallas. The receptionist said an angry customer had a complaint. Brenda was told to try and help solve this problem. On that day I was teaching a sales training and customer service class at Brenda’s company.

The course was divided in half so customers could be taken care of during the class.

On Tuesday Brenda was in the “taking care of customers” half of the group.

We found out later how Brenda calmed the angry customer.  It was good that this had been part of our roll play the day before.

What Brenda said was perfect.

She waited until the very upset customer stopped venting – the best thing to do because when someone is angry about bad service or no service, s/he needs to vent.

When the customer paused and took a breath, Brenda used eight words to let the customer know she was sympathetic.

The Eight Compelling and Most Helpful Words

“I am so glad you called us today.”

The customer was relieved.

Brenda said she could help and asked her to please explain what happened.

The customer relaxed and told Brenda what had happened. Brenda said she understood why the customer was upset.

After the conversation, Brenda took steps to resolve the problem and then phoned the customer to let her know what would happen next.

This is what we all want, isn’t it?  Understanding and kindness plus a resolution of the situation.

What Not to Say

The temptation may be to be defensive when a customer complains. Or to interrupt and try to explain the reason for the problem.

But that only makes it worse.

After the problem has been resolved

Writing a letter of apology will go a long way towards repairing and/or creating customer loyalty.

You can get a pre-written letter of apology in my e-book with 63 different pre-written business and marketing letters.

Customer Service and Sales Solutions

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Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a healthy and beautiful day!

- Ann
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