Are They Listening to You?

woman-listening-with-ear-phonesIt is often just a part of the job.

Making call after call.

Wondering if people are really listening.

Do they want to hear what you have to say?

It may depend on what kind of day they are having.

Are they under pressure?

Do they not feel well?

It also depends on how YOU are feeling.

Your tone of voice and the words you are using make a big difference.

Are you comfortable calling people who don’t know you?

If you aren’t feeling comfortable, the listener knows.

Think about this:

Whenever you pick up the phone, you have an opportunity to brighten someone’s day.

You may be calling about a product or service they really want or need.

4 Guidelines for Making Calls that People Actually want to Listen to and Remember

1.) Before you start making cold calls, read the positive comments and testimonials customers have written for your company’s products or services because this will help you feel more confident and you can:

2.) Approach your calls with the knowledge that you are helping people because you have a product or service that will make their lives better or easier.

3.) Spend time with positive friends and stay away from negative people.

4.) Register for my 4-week private e-Course because I will teach you how to make a positive difference – and feel more comfortable – in the way you approach prospects by phone. And this leads to a better response and an increase in your sales.

Last week, after completing my most recent e-Course, Jonathan Thacker said:

“As a result of taking part in your four-week e-Course, I’ve been more comfortable making calls and I’m getting better response from prospects during the calls. Thank you, Ann!”

- Jonathan Thacker, Sales Representative, Indiana Business Equipment,
Terre Haute, Indiana

During this e-Course you will:

• Learn how to create your own unique opening statement which will motivate the prospect to become more interested and will end up in more sales for you.

• Use authentic words that will cause the prospect to trust you and feel that you are there to help her rather than “just get the sale.”

• Find out exactly how to create trust during the first call.

• Discover specific questions to ask the prospect that will prompt her to think and share important information you need to move forward.

How it Works

As soon as you register, we will schedule a time to talk so you can describe your situation. I will let you know how the course works and answer any questions you may have.

Then I’ll send you the Week One workbook in a pdf document and assignment pages in a Word document.

After you review the workbook and complete the assignment pages, email your completed assignment pages to me.

I’ll review your assignments and send you an email to set up a date and time to talk and give you my ideas and suggestions and answer any questions you may have.

And we do this once a week for four weeks – while you are achieving your goals.

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To register or to have a conversation about your goals, send me a message

I look forward to hearing from you!

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