markus-winkler-yYpmCA32U_M-unsplash“Trust is the most powerful tool that a leader or organization can have.”

          - August Turak, Author

A question for you:

Is there one action you can take that will help to establish trust and build credibility with your clients?

Answer:  Yes.

Credibility, trust and so much more. Especially if you take this action on a regular basis.

You can:

  1. Establish credibility
  2. Add value to your services
  3. Lock down your niche
  4. Spur word-of-mouth referrals
  5. Save selling time
  6. Educate prospects
  7. Increase sales from current clients

Here’s how:

If you are an expert in your field and you can apply your expertise to help folks solve problems or achieve results, you have the basis for creating a readable and welcome e-newsletter.


For your e-newsletter to NOT be immediately deleted, create a subject line that  attracts attention, interest and curiosity.


Recently a message came to me because I’m a customer of Vital Choice Seafood. They send emails once a week and I don’t always open them unless there is something I want to order.

(Emailing to clients can be challenging if you don’t want them to think: “Oh, it’s her again. I don’t need to read this.” But the subject line in that email was so compelling I had to open and read it.)

This was the subject line: “Preferred Customer Alert.“

Wow!  How could I not open that email?  And the information in that email was important; a bit of news that I was grateful they shared with me.

Think about it.

Because you know your clients, think about what subject line will attract the most attention and what words will motivate them to open and read your email.

Ask for permission

When you are talking to your clients ask if they would like to receive emails from you on a regular basis. Weekly, monthly, twice a month or whatever you feel you can handle. And not just emails to sell products or services. Emails that will help solve problems or provide new information.  A bit of sales information when it doesn’t take up most of the email is good. The point is: you want clients to feel they will benefit by reading your emails.

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a safe and healthy day!

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