Golden Accomplishments

brooke-cagle-JBwcenOuRCg-unsplash (2)Not everyone can truthfully say they have achieved “golden accomplishments”, but Chad and Emily and Kevin can. And it’s awesome to be able to share these accomplishments. Yes – money-making accomplishments that lead to an increase in income.

From Chad:  “I am now able to find companies who are looking to buy within the next year, thanks to being a part of Ann Barr’s e-Course.”

Chad Hale, Business Development Director,
Superior Document Solutions, Duluth, GA

Congratulations, Chad!

 From Emily: “I am now able to gain information I previously would have let fall through the cracks. Thanks, Ann!”

Emily Turcan, Statistical Sales Analyst,
ACT3D Equipment and Sales, Cromwell, CT

Congratulations, Emily!

From Kevin: “This whole e-course has been a HUGE help to me because I started off not wanting to do this job. I have since been working on this more and really enjoy what I have learnt and seeing the results and rewards pay off. Thanks Ann!”

Kevin Norton, Allvan Equip
Seatac, WA

Congratulations, Kevin!

You too can achieve these exciting accomplishments when you are part of my private one-to-one e-Course  Email with any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or feel free to phone me: 757.463.0924.

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a spectacular day!


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