Hidden Talent

hidden-594142_640You might know someone like this person.

Intelligent, kind and thoughtful – with a great personality…

… and if you met for the first time and asked: “Where do you work?” or “What do you do?”

You might NOT think the answer would be “I’m in sales.”
(Sort of like Kevin.)

True Story

When I learned what my uncle did for a living, I was surprised.

Aunt Veronica had described her husband’s work as “he’s in business.”

But she left something out

Only after reading the words written on the awards and plaques in their den, did I find out my uncle was in sales!  And VERY successful!

WHY was this surprising?

Because my uncle did not display any of the characteristics generally thought of as a “typical” salesman. (You know what that means.)

And because Aunt Veronica never mentioned that her husband was in sales.

It was as though he had hidden talent.

If you know someone like this, who wants to be in sales but doesn’t think he – or she – has the right personality, please forward this post to him – or her.

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a healthy and beautiful day!