How to Find Out the Real Reason for a Hidden Objection

woman-at-laptop-confusedWhen you hear an objection from a prospect – a reason they will not buy from you – it is often not the real reason.

That is a problem.

How do you get to the truth?

Another frustrating situation a sales person faces is the potential client who hesitates to place an order or set an appointment but doesn’t actually say “no.”

You are waiting to hear more . . . but . . . nothing.


What do you do?

You are sure the prospect needs or wants your products or service.

You’ve had good conversations and answered all questions.

S/he seems interested, but for some reason hasn’t placed the order or agreed to meet with you.

The reason?  It is often the hidden objection:

One four-letter word they don’t want to share with you.

F E A R.

And the reasons for the fear?

* Fear of buying the wrong product.

* Fear of spending too much money.

* Fear of being criticized if the product doesn’t work.

So, how do we handle the fears our prospects have, but will not tell us about?

Three words:

Open-ended questions.

And this is NOT being pushy.

To check and see if you’re on the right track, ask an opinion-seeking question.

The answer will tell you how the prospect feels about what you’ve said, and bring up any concerns s/he may have.

Three Ways to Handle the Hidden Objection

Good questions to ask:

1.) “In your opinion, how do you feel the Laser Gold Service Program would work for your company?”

Don’t ask “Do you think the Laser Gold Service Program is a good idea. . .”

because that will get a logical response and you can find out more information from an emotional response, which you will get by asking how they feel instead of what they think.

2.) Or ask:

“Are you getting the information you need to make a decision?”

3.) If you feel the prospect is close to a decision but you’re not quite sure, you can ask:

“Do we need a purchase order number?”

 The answer to this question will either be “Yes,” or “No,” or “I’m not ready to order yet.”

The first two answers will give you the sale and if you hear the last answer, you can ask:

“What questions can I answer for you?”

To help eliminate prospect fear, use quotes and testimonials from your happy clients.

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