Losing Customers is Not a Lost Cause

woman-sadYou CAN win back those lost customers with compelling letters or emails..

Here is one of the successful “win back the lost customer” letters included in my most popular-ebook. (It is one of 63 powerful copy-and-paste marketing & business letters you can also use as emails.)

Win Back the Lost Customer Letter

Dear [ customer name]

It bothers me to lose a good customer; that’s what compelled me to write.

Not long ago, you decided to discontinue purchasing [ products or services] from [ your company name].

I’d personally like to ask you to reconsider your decision.

First, let me share what we hear from customers like you who switched to another company – and have now switched back to [your company name]. Many tell us they were simply not getting the same good service they got with [your company name], nor did they get the savings they expected.

Here’s another real difference. With the [ your company name] [ special program you offer], you enjoy the convenience of [ benefits of your program], which means you’ll never again [ experience inconvenience] [ of not having benefits of your program]. You’ll benefit from a substantial savings on [ savings experienced by using/buying your services or products].

Finally, the enclosed savings coupon is yours to use as you please. Simply call us at [ your telephone number] by [ ending date of special offer], and order any [ products or services] you need. We look forward to serving you again and earning your business.


[ your name]
[ your title]

Enclosure: Savings Coupon

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