One Question Gets an Honest Answer and Here’s Why


You know how most third graders (and 4th and 5th graders) don’t like to hear one particular question?

Aunts, uncles and grandparents all seem to ask the same question.

(Note:  this article also applies to sales and is not just about children.)

The question

“How’s school?”

Usual answer: “Fine” or “It’s okay.”

So there is really no way to get a thoughtful answer with that vague question..

Unless the child is loving school and getting all “A”s in every subject.

Then there is the more specific question third graders (or any children in school) are asked:

“What’s your favorite subject?”

This is a good question because it implies interest.  Sounds like the aunt or uncle or family friend really wants to know the answer.

Some children being asked this question stop to think: “How should I answer? What would my mom want me to say?”

True Story

Mary Kate is the smart and beloved grandchild of a friend of mine.

We were visitors in her home when she was in third grade and were having a conversation.

I asked: “What’s your favorite subject?”

She answered: “I don’t have a favorite.”

I thought for a minute and then asked: “If you DID have a favorite subject, what do you think it would be?”

After a few seconds, she answered firmly: “Math.”

Later we learned Mary Kate earns top grades in math.  (Yaaay for girl power!)

The question “if you DID have a favorite subject, what do you think it would be” caused her to stop and think and answer thoughtfully.

Anyone involved in sales asks questions to find out what is most important to prospects and clients.

One question gets an honest answer

In a sales situation, a question similar to the question I asked Mary Kate could be:

“If you could make changes in the office equipment you use, what changes do you feel you would you want?”

Specific and open-ended questions are the best types of questions to ask if you’re in sales, or in any business where an honest answer will let you know how you can best help the customer.

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