Stop Being so Polite

brian-wangenheim-5Qhrd6hsZdc-unsplashDon’t make the same mistake I made when I started my first sales job cold calling years ago … with no training.

I mistakenly thought strangers would be happy to hear from me because … why not?  After all, they could buy top quality office products from my company and I was politely phoning to let them know how they could get these necessary products.

The Wrong Way to Begin a Cold Call

Me:  After introducing myself – “How are you today?”

What was the reaction from the listener?

  • 90 percent of the time the listener either immediately hung up, or
  • Transferred me to another extension without saying a word, or
  • Used words I won’t repeat here..
    Later I learned that when a stranger calls and immediately asks “how are you today,” most folks KNOW that caller is going to try and sell something. I also learned that there are more effective ways to begin a cold call with someone who does not know you..

    The First Question Matters – and Here’s Why
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