Surprising Customer Support

patrick-tomasso-fMntI8HAAB8-unsplashYou may have noticed it takes longer to get through multiple automated prompts with businesses that normally provide excellent – and fast – customer support.
If this has been your experience, you are not alone.
Shockingly good customer support… possible?
Yes. Rare, but so welcome.


On Thursday it took a minute and a half to get through to a knowledgeable customer support person.
WHAT?  A minute and a half?
This is what happened
At 12:48 pm on Thursday I phoned my email service provider aWeber.

At 12:49 and a half a live, friendly human person answered.
(yes, I keep precise track of all my outbound phone calls. I know. It sounds [you fill in the word that I don’t like to say.])
After identifying myself I asked the question I intended to ask.
What happened next
An immediate and knowledgeable answer from Ian.
Not only was Ian knowledgeable – he sounded friendly.
He followed up with “is there anything else I can help you with?”
 (NOTE:  In my experience this level of customer support was not unusual with aWeber. Though all calls are not answered in a minute and a half, I have rarely been left on hold for more than five minutes.)

 Because Ian was helpful and friendly (and not in a rush to end the call) his name prompted my curiosity and I asked “Is Ian an Irish name?”
He answered: “It is Scottish.”

Just Think
This was a pleasant conversation with a Customer Support person who answered all my questions and sounded not in a hurry to end the call.
One of the many reasons why I’ve stayed with aWeber for years.
Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a spectacular day!
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