What NOT to do After a Brush-Off

Dealing-with-brush-off-tnMore than annoying, it can nearly ruin your day.

Before you even have a chance to talk about why you are calling, you get the brush-off.

Is this prospect lost forever?

What can you do to get your message to her without risking another – even worse – rejection?

Two things NOT to do after a brush off

  1. Slam down the phone and curse.

(One of my former co-workers actually did this, to the amusement of everyone in the office except our boss.)

  1. Immediately call the prospect back and try the same script again.

(This will make sure you never have another chance to make a good first impression.)

Think about it:

You could decide the reason for the brush off was:

  •   The prospect was very busy completing a project with an immediate deadline


  •  She was in the middle of responding to an emergency


  •            She is a real grouch and brushes off everyone who calls.


Three Ways to Prepare yourself in advance for a possible brush off

1.) Approach your calls with the knowledge that you are helping people because you have a product or service that will make their lives better or easier.

2.) Before you start making cold calls, read the positive reviews and testimonials customers have written about you or your company’s products or services.

3.) Spend time with positive people and stay away from negative co-workers.

You CAN avoid brush-offs and rejection.

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