Your Clients are Waiting for You

woman-sitting-at-table-chin-in-handAnd they are waiting to buy from you.



Because they know you – or your company, they like you – or your company and they trust you – or your company.

But… if they haven’t heard from you in a while, your client may get a phone call from a friendly competitor (of yours) offering the same products you sell.

Your client might even say “yes” to your competitor.


How could this happen?

Maybe, because your client hasn’t heard from you or anyone at your company for a while. And they feel neglected.

Three reasons why they have not heard from anyone at your company:

1. A sales rep (not you) abruptly left your company and no one notified clients.


2. You have been too busy finding and contacting new businesses because you (or your manager) decided it’s time to increase the customer base.


3. It was assumed (you know what they say about assuming) that this client would continually buy from you, without any reminders or follow-up calls.

Here is An Easy Way to keep in touch with clients.

An Unexpected Email

This was a surprising email I received last year, from someone I had never met – who took the place of a sales rep who left her company:

“When I took this job I didn’t realized at the beginning but it turns out that to be successful at this I need to do a lot of cold calling. It also turns out I suck at it. Maybe it’s because of my fear of rejection.”


…as I told this new sales rep:

In this situation, it would not really be cold calling, if the accounts being called have previously done business with your company.

Banish the Fear

Almost like magic, the fear will disappear when you begin making those warm (not cold) calls to accounts that have purchased from your company in the past.


To her astonishment, clients were happy to hear from her!

And most bought products as a result of her call. Yay!!

Not specifically mentioning her name, but here are four lovely emails from reps who happily discovered cold (warm) calling works!


“After taking part in Ann Barr’s four-week e-Course, I’ve been more comfortable making calls and I’m getting better response from prospects during the calls. Thank you, Ann!”

- Jonathan Thacker, Indiana Business Equipment

“Everything I have learned in this course, I have been using now on a daily basis. I have been able to have better conversations with prospects and customers because of changing the way I phrase questions. Also, using the cold call email you helped me with, I have gotten more responses. Thank you, Ann!”

- Jessica Whittle, The Fax and Printer Guy

“Ann, during your e-Course I have gotten more confidence in speaking and relaying to people the information I need in order for me to help them. People seem to respond and open up to me with more information. Thank you!”

- Grace Dace, Account Executive, Maunakea Integrated Solutions

“Your e-Course was clear and easy to understand. The course motivated me to focus on my goals and I’ve had a tremendous improvement in technique and confidence. Thank you, Ann!”

- Paul Cleveland, Business Development Manager, Repro Products
Congratulations to Jonathan, Jessica, Grace and Paul – your dedication and success is exciting!

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a beautiful day!!

- Ann

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