Your Irresistible Subject Line

woman-looking-at-cell-phone-tnIt’s not often you see a subject line you can’t resist.

When you do see that subject line – and it is followed by compelling content that makes sense and leads into information you need – there is no turning back. You are hooked…
…especially if the content contains helpful tips and useful ideas – and does NOT look as though you are obviously just trying to make a sale.

You can make that happen for your products and services.

It starts with knowing exactly what you can offer clients and what they need – what will make their life better, easier or happier.


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Before You End that Call

jim-reardan-gyslVZcsNK4-unsplashYour call was successful. At least you felt it was successful.

But before you begin celebrating, take three steps to make sure your call WILL be successful.

How do you do this?

Begin the follow up process before you end the call.

Three steps.

  1. Say this: “I’ll make a note to follow up with you next week. Or will two weeks be better for you? ”Whatever the answer, reconfirm the date. If they say three weeks is better, you can say: “Good! Let’s make plans to talk in three weeks and I’ll call you on July 28th. Okay?”

End the call by repeating the date and time of your telephone appointment: “I have you on my calendar for a 9:30 a.m. telephone call on July 28th and unless I hear from you otherwise, I will phone you then.”

Include the date and time for your telephone appointment in the note or email you send with your proposal or brochure or sample of your product.

  1. Then: “After you review the proposal, what is the next step in the process?” or:
  1. “After you try our product and if it works well for you, when will you be placing your order with us?” Then use #1 above.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    The importance of follow up cannot be over-rated.  It is critical to your success.

    “Not following up with your prospects is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting the stopper in the drain.” ― Michelle Moore, award-winning author


Are You Part of This 90% Statistic?

chris-liverani-dBI_My696Rk-unsplash (1)According to the findings of a 15-year study conducted by an Atlanta based sales training organization:

More than 90 percent of all sales people volunteer a price decrease without being asked!

In addition, according to the same study, most salespeople do not believe their product or service has enough value – or is actually worth the price they charge.

Wow. This can be damaging to a business.

When salespeople truly understand the value of their products and services, they are better able to communicate a unique and authentic introductory statement.

Your perception and communication of the value you offer affects the customer’s interest in what you have to say.

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  • Implement 3 critical steps necessary to win back lost customers

Private One-on-One Coaching and Sales Training

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“Already in the first week of the Ann Barr e-Course I’ve learned a lot about how to approach my work. I am able to walk away from the first week with a much clearer idea of how to approach prospects and what they want to hear from me versus what I want to say.”
-Felipe Hernandez, Sales Consultant,  Zeno Office Solutions, Midland, TX

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5 New Clients Each Week

campaign-creators-e6n7uoEnYbA-unsplashToo good to be true?

 Not really.

 It’s easy when you think about it.

 It is something only 12 percent of salespeople do:


 How do you ask?

 You will get the best answers with this question:

 “Who else do you know that could benefit from using our products?”

 After asking this question

  1. DON’T say a word until they answer.
  2. DON’T put words in your customer’s mouth, and
  3. DO thank your customer for sharing this valuable information!

Not sure who to ask?

Think about the clients who LOVE you. (You know who they are.)

You CAN do this – easily. I promise.

Looking for more ideas to earn new customers and KEEP the ones you have?  Join my one-to-one e-Course.  You can see a description of the course plus tuition investment on this page. Interested? phone me at 757.463.0924 or email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Surprising Customer Support

patrick-tomasso-fMntI8HAAB8-unsplashYou may have noticed it takes longer to get through multiple automated prompts with businesses that normally provide excellent – and fast – customer support.
If this has been your experience, you are not alone.
Shockingly good customer support… possible?
Yes. Rare, but so welcome.


On Thursday it took a minute and a half to get through to a knowledgeable customer support person.
WHAT?  A minute and a half?
This is what happened
At 12:48 pm on Thursday I phoned my email service provider aWeber.

At 12:49 and a half a live, friendly human person answered.
(yes, I keep precise track of all my outbound phone calls. I know. It sounds [you fill in the word that I don’t like to say.])
After identifying myself I asked the question I intended to ask.
What happened next
An immediate and knowledgeable answer from Ian.
Not only was Ian knowledgeable – he sounded friendly.
He followed up with “is there anything else I can help you with?”
 (NOTE:  In my experience this level of customer support was not unusual with aWeber. Though all calls are not answered in a minute and a half, I have rarely been left on hold for more than five minutes.)

 Because Ian was helpful and friendly (and not in a rush to end the call) his name prompted my curiosity and I asked “Is Ian an Irish name?”
He answered: “It is Scottish.”

Just Think
This was a pleasant conversation with a Customer Support person who answered all my questions and sounded not in a hurry to end the call.
One of the many reasons why I’ve stayed with aWeber for years.
Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a spectacular day!
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