markus-winkler-yYpmCA32U_M-unsplash“Trust is the most powerful tool that a leader or organization can have.”

          - August Turak, Author

A question for you:

Is there one action you can take that will help to establish trust and build credibility with your clients?

Answer:  Yes.

Credibility, trust and so much more. Especially if you take this action on a regular basis.

You can:

  1. Establish credibility
  2. Add value to your services
  3. Lock down your niche
  4. Spur word-of-mouth referrals
  5. Save selling time
  6. Educate prospects
  7. Increase sales from current clients

Here’s how:

If you are an expert in your field and you can apply your expertise to help folks solve problems or achieve results, you have the basis for creating a readable and welcome e-newsletter.


For your e-newsletter to NOT be immediately deleted, create a subject line that  attracts attention, interest and curiosity.


Recently a message came to me because I’m a customer of Vital Choice Seafood. They send emails once a week and I don’t always open them unless there is something I want to order.

(Emailing to clients can be challenging if you don’t want them to think: “Oh, it’s her again. I don’t need to read this.” But the subject line in that email was so compelling I had to open and read it.)

This was the subject line: “Preferred Customer Alert.“

Wow!  How could I not open that email?  And the information in that email was important; a bit of news that I was grateful they shared with me.

Think about it.

Because you know your clients, think about what subject line will attract the most attention and what words will motivate them to open and read your email.

Ask for permission

When you are talking to your clients ask if they would like to receive emails from you on a regular basis. Weekly, monthly, twice a month or whatever you feel you can handle. And not just emails to sell products or services. Emails that will help solve problems or provide new information.  A bit of sales information when it doesn’t take up most of the email is good. The point is: you want clients to feel they will benefit by reading your emails.

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a safe and healthy day!

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Forget Cold Calls – Do This Instead


3 serious questions to ask yourself:

1.  Have all of your inactive customers been contacted during the past three months?

2.  Are all of your current and past customers aware of ALL of the products and services you have to offer?

 3.  Do ALL of your customers buy everything they could possibly buy from you?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions – think about it:

Do you really want to start making cold calls before all of your inactive customers have been contacted?

If your focus is on bringing in new customers by cold calling BEFORE contacting inactive customers, you are actually leaving money on the table.

Before making more cold calls, think about this:

  • Your current customers KNOW you
  • They LIKE you, and
  • They TRUST you!

So … you will get less rejection and more sales when you contact your current clients.

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you an awesome day!

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And here is a fact -

Your employees may have skills you are not aware of yet. Grace wrote this:

“Ann, during your e-Course I have gotten more confidence in speaking and relaying to people the information I need in order for me to help them. People seem to respond and open up to me with more information. Thank you!”

- Marie Grace Dace, Account Executive, Maunakea Integrated Solutions, Honolulu, Hawaii


3 Smartest Ways to Win Them Back

light-bulbs-1875384_640You and I know it’s rough out there now for businesses.

Your clients are jittery, to say the least.
You may have lost a few clients.

But there are three smart ways to win them back

You have the opportunity to help them feel more confident and less fearful.


1.)  Let them know you are empathetic. Reach out by phone and email.

2.)  Help your clients cope with the challenges they face now. Offer structural changes to financial arrangements.

3.)  Deliver a thoughtful and caring message today and you will win back the business and trust of clients who had confidence in you in the past.

How You Can Earn New Sales

Have you thought about earning new sales from your clients by adding different products?

This is what Xerox is doing now – manufacturing completely different products

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a safe and beautiful day!


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Yes it is

dogwood-treeIf you read the email I wrote and sent to subscribers one month ago (it feels like a lifetime ago) with the subject line “Is this the new normal?” the answer is: yes. It IS the new normal. For how long? We don’t know.

Since that time one month ago, some of my creative subscribers and talented e-Course participants have written to tell me about unique ways they are staying in touch with their customers.  Because we are all in this together – and social distancing – keeping in touch every way we can, is critical.

In case you didn’t receive that email, here it is:

“You may – by now – (if you are like me) – be hoping that this is just a terrible nightmare and we will soon wake up,or maybe
“We are all part of a scary movie and the director will yell “Cut!
or hoping that …
“… any day now, everything will be like it was before this evil Coronavirus began spreading throughout the world.
“But, in the meantime -
“What can we do if we are practicing social distancing“and working from home?
“When you are part of a business that sells products and provides services to customers …
“… stay in touch with those customers who are having the same challenges you are having.  They would like to know that you care and you are still there.
“Need to take a break?
Try an online Yoga class!  This is one of many.
“Are your hands dry from washing again and again?
“If you’ve been listening to medical experts who tell you to wash your hands often, you may now have very, very dry hands. The best solution I have found is a hand cream called “Working Hands” and I found it (no surprise) on Amazon.”
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When Does Price Really Matter?

calculator-178127_640“Price only matters when nothing else matters.” – Barry Davret, writer, ghostwriter

 This is important:

 When you think about it – and think about people who seem to only care about price – 90 percent of the time there is actually more they DO care about…

… like 

  • Quality products that do what clients NEED them to do, or
  • Outstanding service that makes their work and life better, or
  • Easy ways to get in touch with sales reps, or
  • Knowledgeable experts who can answer your questions, or
  • Fast delivery of products

    The challenge is:

    How do you learn what is more important to prospects than price?

    Answer -

    Ask questions that get the most genuine answers!

    Click here to see effective questions you can ask – to get the answers you need.


Here is a proven successful way you can ask the questions that get honest answers you need to move forward.  (This is a long article, so if you’re in a hurry, scroll halfway down on this page to “One Question gets an Honest Answer.“)

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