What Happened?

iamsherise-1648194-unsplashYou sent a requested proposal – or a sample of your product – to the prospect and never heard back from her.
You phoned her to follow up but couldn’t get through.
You thought “well that’s okay because she’s probably busy.”
You left a voicemail message.
She didn’t call back.
You left another voicemail message…and then another, with no return call.
(Bad sign.)
You are wondering:  WHAT HAPPENED?

After awhile it becomes obvious.

Your prospect has either been kidnapped, died, or somehow vanished from the face of the earth, leaving no trace behind.

Or it could be they are procrastinating.

They have put off reading your proposal or trying your product or returning your call.

Or their plans have changed.

Whatever the reason, you need to find out what the situation is, so you can either cross them off your list or continue to follow up.

Now, this is important:

What to Do – in Advance of a Disappearing Act

During the first conversation:

  • Get the names of additional contacts within the company.
  • Ask: “In addition to you, who else is involved in the decision-making process?”
    Or: “Who else in your company should I talk to about this?”
  •  Get at least one other name – better yet: two or three names of people you can contact in the future in case your prospect is unreachable when you make your follow-up calls.
    Another Reason Why They Disappear

    You did not get an “action commitment” during the first contact. Before you send anything, whether it’s a proposal or brochure or a product to evaluate, ask for a commitment.
    Here’s how to ask:
    1. “I’ll make a note to follow up with you next week. Or will two weeks be better for you?”Whatever the answer, reconfirm the date. If they say three weeks is better, you can say: “Good! Let’s make plans to talk in three weeks and I’ll call you on July 28th. Okay?”
    End the call by repeating the date and time of your telephone appointment: “I have you on my calendar for a 9:30 a.m. telephone call on July 28th and unless I hear from you otherwise, I will phone you then.”
    Include the date and time for your telephone appointment in the note you send with your proposal or brochure or sample of your product.
    2. “After you review the proposal, what is the next step in the process?” Then use #1 above,  or:
    3. “After you try our product and if it works well for you, when will you be placing your order with us?” Then use #1 above.
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How to Win New Customers Creatively

m0851-55542-unsplashOn a beautiful summer day in June my Aunt Ginny found a marketing flyer on her front doorstep.  It was from George Hill, a local handyman, plumber, electrician, painter; you name it.

This flyer won dozens of new customers for George and if you can write poetry, you can do the same for your business.

A Unique Approach

Have you ever read a flyer that made you smile?  This one did just
that.  And it got results. George acquired dozens of new customers quickly
with this attention-getting flyer– and still counting.

I needed some work done on my deck and after reading his flyer I
called George. He came to my house, gave me an estimate and I hired
him. He did a great job!  I gave George’s flyer to my next-door
neighbor and George acquired another customer.

This one flyer made the rounds of my neighborhood and George was busy with work for the next three months.

George’s Creative Marketing Flyer

I enjoy working around the house

Building a shelf or catching that mouse

I can fix a leak or clean your garage

And by the way of introduction,

My name is George.

Electrical, painting, any chore at all

I will provide estimates and references . . .

Just give me a call.

You will be happy with my reasonable rates

So for all seasons, get your house and garden in shape.

Free Estimates

20 Years Experience

Licensed & Insured

Call me today (George’s name and cell phone number)

Then a list of his services: painting, licensed plumber, roofing, yard
work, etc.

and –

“Present this flyer for an easy 10% off”

How You Can Do the Same

Have you ever thought of writing a poem about your product or
services?  It is a great way to create attention and interest.

Before writing any type of sales letter, email or marketing flyer, use
the tried and true copy-writing formula, AIDA:

A – Attract the reader’s attention

I – Arouse the reader’s Interest in the offer.

D – Stimulate the reader’s Desire to take the desired action.

A – Ask the reader to take the action requested.

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This 4-Letter Word Earned a Sale

william-iven-8515-unsplashThis word is rarely used in a business setting.

But using it in the right situation and in a genuine way makes a big difference.

One example of how this 4-letter word earned a sale – true story:

I phoned the local newspaper to cancel my subscription.

The person I spoke with at the newspaper used all the right words – especially one compelling “positive power” word – to try and change my mind.

First she said, “I’m so sorry you have decided to cancel.”
(She sounded as though she meant it.)

Her important question:

“May I ask why you would like to cancel your subscription?”

I was truthful, and answered: “Because I get most news online and don’t usually have time to read the newspaper.”

Her response was to describe a new “special offer.” 

After telling me about the offer she asked: “Would you like to try that for 14 weeks?” 

I said “yes!”

It was an offer I couldn’t resist, especially when she used that persuasive 4-letter word.  

What was that magic word – and how did she use it?

“We would LOVE to keep you as a subscriber.”

Three reasons she earned the sale: 

(1.)  I felt as though she really cared and didn’t want to lose me as a subscriber.
(Whether that was true or not, it was the impression she communicated.)

(2.)  I didn’t want to say “no” because she used all the right words and – honestly – I felt she deserved the sale.

(3.)  She asked for the sale!

If you have not been using the word love in your conversations with prospects and clients because you feel it is not professional…

… think again.

Because it works!

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… You will get more profit-producing ideas for your unique situation in my one-to-one 4 week once-a-week e-Course with personal coaching and sales training.

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6 Essential Words

deleece-cook-1167525-unsplash6 Essential Words Get Attention Fast.

Why do these words matter?

Because they MOTIVATE prospects to become mentally involved in the conversation.

When you use one or two of these words in your introductory statement or email, you will capture your prospect’s attention immediately.

What are these 6 words?

They are known as “Positive Power Words.”

When you fit one or two into your presentation (in a way that makes sense), something good happens – the prospect LISTENS to you and becomes interested in what you’re saying!

6 Positive Power Words

1.) Entitle

2.) Program

3.) Qualify

4.) Flexible

5.) Preferred

6.) Alert


A great attention-getting subject line to use when emailing clients to warn them about fraudulent telemarketers:

“Consumer Alert”

This is from Week 2 of the one-to-one e-course – and that subject line can double your open rate!

You will get more attention when using one of the Positive Power Words in a “High-Impact-High-Gain” question (page 7 in Week 2 of the e-course.)

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Why She is Unforgettable

markus-spiske-1375298-unsplashThe gift of a new Chromebook was an unexpected surprise.

Not being a technical person I didn’t realize how different a Chromebook is from my HP laptop. But… wow… it is very different. Some folks LOVE their Chromebooks. I am not there…yet.

The challenge came when I needed to upload my contacts in Excel to AWeber (an email marketing platform ) using the Chromebook, because I learned that Chromebook does not include Excel. (Yikes!) Instead, there are “Google Sheets.”

To make a long story short, I needed help – really needed help – and support from AWeber. Fortunately, AWeber provides live HUMAN telephone support. And not just ordinary support; knowledgeable and patient support.

This is Why She is Unforgettable

Amanda, the Customer Solutions Specialist at AWeber, stayed on the phone with me for nearly an hour, guiding me through the steps I needed to take to make sure my contacts were in my account at Aweber. (My 8th grade teacher would have said Amanda had the patience of Job.)

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Thank you Amanda!

You May Also be Unforgettable to Your Clients

Doing your job every day, making sales, answering questions, helping your clients solve problems – could be part of your life. You may not realize the real value you bring to your clients, but when you look back at the end of the day, think about what you have accomplished, problems you have solved, and you might have become unforgettable – and valuable – to your clients.

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