What is the Ann Barr e-Course?

kyle-gregory-devaras-6RTM8EsD1T8-unsplashThanks for asking! (okay, you may not have asked, but you did click, so, thank you!)

The e-Course – What is it?

This is a one-to-one private 4-week once-a-week sales training and coaching e-Course conducted by Ann Barr by telephone and email.

In this e-Course you will:

  • Create opening statements that get attention instead of resistance
  • Find out what to do when a customer’s objection takes you by surprise
  • Learn how to avoid six costly mistakes that can reduce profit
  • Discover three ways to get through gate-keepers and
  • Seven ways to answer objections and
  • 10 ways to ask for the sale
  • Find out which voice mail messages will get your call returned
  • Learn the secrets of closing more sales than ever before


  • Learn how to create your own unique opening statement which will motivate prospects to become more interested and end up in more sales for you and
  • Use authentic words that will cause the prospect to trust you and feel that you are there to help her rather than “just get the sale.”
  • Find out which 4 words never to say at the beginning of your outbound phone calls.
  • Discover specific questions to ask the prospect that will motivate her to think and share important information you need to move forward with the sale.
  • You can see the registration form on this page.

Who this e-Course is Perfect for, who it is Not Perfect for and tuition

Who is This Course Perfect for?

bruce-mars-xj8qrWvuOEs-unsplashWho is this e-Course Perfect for? And who is it Not right for?

It’s for committed new and experienced sales reps, owners, managers and team leaders who want one-to-one coaching, sales training, clarity and skills. This course is for action-takers who understand that success happens with consistent and focused effort.

I believe if you bring your unique personality, dedication and a positive approach, you can fully achieve your goals and experience the financial rewards you deserve.

Who this e-Course is Not right for

This program is not right if you are looking for new sales leads or a magical solution to achieving your goals without any effort.

This e-Course is a single person program. Meaning, one person at a time per e-Course. If you’d like to participate in the course along with a team leader or coworker, please enroll separately.


Tuition is $597 per person. Payment is with PayPal which accepts all major credit cards. We are not currently set up to receive checks. If you are a Business Technology Association member, you can apply the substantial BTA Educational discount. 

Thanks for visiting!

If you have questions, send an email to annbarr@annbarr,com or phone me at 757-463-0924. If I am on the other line, please leave a voice mail message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. 

I look forward to working with you and contributing to your ongoing success!

Ann BarrAnn


Best and Worst Time to Make Calls

ocean-ng-L0xOtAnv94Y-unsplashWant to make sure you are making calls at the best – and not worst – time?

 Marketing surveys have found these important facts:

Best day to make sales calls is Wednesday.

Worst day is Friday – the second half.

Best time to make your calls: between 4 and 5 pm.

Second best time: between 11 am and noon.

But …

Not Everyone Pays Attention to These Marketing Surveys

Louise Jones did not pay attention to the “best and worst times to make calls.”

She used her “to-do list” to set her schedule. And it worked!  


It was 4:45 on a rainy Friday afternoon when Louise picked up her phone.

She made a call on a day and at a time when experts say she should not have made a sales call.

Louise made a sale on that Friday afternoon.

Why was she successful at making that sale?

Because it didn’t matter to Louise that late Friday afternoon might not be a good time to contact clients.

It was on her To-Do list and she always followed her To-Do list. 

The Power of Positive Thinking

Her positive attitude and determination earned her a spot on the President’s list every year. Louise won cruises and trips to beautiful resorts. 

Most of us tell ourselves that Friday afternoon is a terrible time to call clients. And for most sales reps it IS a terrible time to make sales calls. That’s what the marketing surveys show.

Or Monday is not a good day to make sales calls.

When you think about it, though, it matters very much how we think about making those calls.

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.”  – Winston Churchill

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a positive day!

- Ann


For effective tips + ideas about what to say – and not say – during your calls, join my one-to-one e-Course!  Your BTA educational discount applies.


He Persisted

alejandro-escamilla-LNRyGwIJr5c-unsplashThe key of persistence opens all doors closed by resistance.”  – John Di Lemme


Thanks so much to everyone who let me know that one important website was not working correctly.

I am truly grateful.

Thanks especially to Chad in Minneapolis who tried – persistently – to purchase my e-books on this page.

What Happened?

The page was not working the way it was supposed to work. He kept getting an error message when he tried to buy an e-book :-(

Chad tried again. This time another page.  And another. Same annoying error message.

Did he give up?

No.  He was persistent.

Chad sent me an email (annbarr@annbarr.com) to let me know there was a problem.
A BIG problem.

What To Do?

I contacted customer service for that website and – they were not surprised.  WHAT?

Yes, they were aware of the problem and were working to fix it.

Okay. Great. Thanks for letting me (the customer) know about the problem!

Good News

Whew. The site is finally fixed. Yay!

Actually fixed after I spent two hours past Midnight on Wednesday doing my part to resolve the issue.


You can now order one of my e-books or more than one on this website. Just scroll down past my photo and welcome message.

Thanks again to Chad for being persistent and for contacting me when he encountered the annoying error messages.

He ended up purchasing five of my e-books!

“Talent is nothing without persistence.” – Dean Crawford

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you an awesome and persistent day!

PS. If you experience a problem ordering one of my e-books, please send me an email: annbarr@annbarr.com