Your Clients are Waiting for You

woman-sitting-at-table-chin-in-handAnd they are waiting to buy from you.



Because they know you – or your company, they like you – or your company and they trust you – or your company.

But… if they haven’t heard from you in a while, your client may get a phone call from a friendly competitor (of yours) offering the same products you sell.

Your client might even say “yes” to your competitor.


How could this happen?

Maybe, because your client hasn’t heard from you or anyone at your company for a while. And they feel neglected.

Three reasons why they have not heard from anyone at your company:

1. A sales rep (not you) abruptly left your company and no one notified clients.


2. You have been too busy finding and contacting new businesses because you (or your manager) decided it’s time to increase the customer base.


3. It was assumed (you know what they say about assuming) that this client would continually buy from you, without any reminders or follow-up calls.

Here is An Easy Way to keep in touch with clients.


An Unexpected Email

This was a surprising email I received last year, from someone I had never met – who took the place of a sales rep who left her company:

“When I took this job I didn’t realized at the beginning but it turns out that to be successful at this I need to do a lot of cold calling. It also turns out I suck at it. Maybe it’s because of my fear of rejection.”


…as I told this new sales rep:

In this situation, it would not really be cold calling, if the accounts being called have previously done business with your company.

Banish the Fear

Almost like magic, the fear will disappear when you begin making those warm (not cold) calls to accounts that have purchased from your company in the past.


To her astonishment, clients were happy to hear from her!

And most bought products as a result of her call. Yay!!

Not specifically mentioning her name, but here are four lovely emails from reps who happily discovered cold (warm) calling works!


“After taking part in Ann Barr’s four-week e-Course, I’ve been more comfortable making calls and I’m getting better response from prospects during the calls. Thank you, Ann!”

- Jonathan Thacker, Indiana Business Equipment

“Everything I have learned in this course, I have been using now on a daily basis. I have been able to have better conversations with prospects and customers because of changing the way I phrase questions. Also, using the cold call email you helped me with, I have gotten more responses. Thank you, Ann!”

- Jessica Whittle, The Fax and Printer Guy

“Ann, during your e-Course I have gotten more confidence in speaking and relaying to people the information I need in order for me to help them. People seem to respond and open up to me with more information. Thank you!”

- Grace Dace, Account Executive, Maunakea Integrated Solutions

“Your e-Course was clear and easy to understand. The course motivated me to focus on my goals and I’ve had a tremendous improvement in technique and confidence. Thank you, Ann!”

- Paul Cleveland, Business Development Manager, Repro Products
Congratulations to Jonathan, Jessica, Grace and Paul – your dedication and success is exciting!

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a beautiful day!!

- Ann

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How One Smart Manager Inspired His Sales Team

seminar-attendees-tnIt is exciting to see a sales manager doing all the right things – with great results.

This is what happened:

I was invited to teach a two-day sales training seminar and the manager decided to sit with the reps during both days.

This does not always happen, so I wasn’t sure how comfortable the sales reps would feel, with their manager being in the conference room during every part of the training.

But …

it turned out to be very successful because while actively participating in the seminar, he offered constructive criticism during role play and never failed to praise positive performances.

He specifically pointed out what worked well, focusing on situations where effective techniques had been used by certain sales reps to win over hard-to-get prospects.

At this company there is an unusually low turnover rate among sales people.

Five Reasons why This Business Keeps Good Employees

  1. They include employees in goal-setting activities and regularly communicate the company’s sales goals and objectives.
  2. They motivate reps with sales contests and a good compensation plan.
  3. This company shows they care about the company’s and employee’s success  by providing sales training on a regular basis.
  4. The sales manager has earned the respect of the sales reps by being a team player with a supportive attitude.
  5. The owner of this company understands the importance of keeping his internal customers (employees) happy.This sales team achieved an amazing 30% increase in sales during the two months following the seminar. When I complimented the sales manager on his success, he gave the credit to his “talented and hard-working sales team.”
    That’s a smart manager – and a successful business.


If Only

any-questionsIf only prospects could just listen to you talk about your amazing products and services and then – place an order : )

That would be sooo nice, and would make your day so much easier.

Too bad it doesn’t usually happen that way.

Depending on your prospect’s needs, situation and budget, there are almost always objections, or . . .

. . . just questions that sound like objections, so:

How Do You Prepare?

It’s easy to say: “Know your product.”

Of course, we need to know our products.

Just as important:

HOW does your product make the prospect’s lives better or easier?

And then:

Think about the best way to ask the questions that will get to the heart of the prospect’s needs or wants.

And how to find out why they are hesitating.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Are they afraid to place an order because . . .
  •  . . . they are not sure if the service will be dependable?


  • They are not sure if your product will meet their needs?


  • Is it fear of changing vendors?

Here’s What to Do

Before you make your next call, write down the objections you hear most often.

Next to these objections, write down what the prospect may be thinking, based on the examples listed above.

Then, write down your response to what you feel the prospect may really be thinking.

You’ll find that the responses you write for what they may be thinking will also work for the objections they give you.

When you hear “I’m happy with my current vendor,” Imagine they are saying “Why should I change?”

Prepare your reasons why other prospects have switched over to your company and the benefits they have found after becoming one of your customers.

You Can “Shorten the Sales Cycle”

     “Ann, after being part of your e-Course, I now have better decision making, better control of meetings and handling objections to shorten the sales cycle. Thank you!”

Norman Deane, Senior Office Solutions Specialist
Repro Products, Smyrna, Georgia

More very nice testimonials on this page.

You are invited to join me for the next private one-to-one e-Course and you can

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  • Find out exactly how to create trust during the first call.
  • Discover specific questions to ask the prospect that will motivate her to think – and share important information you need, to move forward with the sale.

And much, much more.

The next e-Course begins on Wednesday.

If you are ready to begin reaching more decision makers and closing more sales, drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you!


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Are You Tired of Making Calls that Don’t Get Positive Results?

man-unhappyDo you ever feel like your voice mail messages are being ignored?

Millions of folks just like you make calls every day, worry about meeting quota, and wonder how they can improve their numbers.

But unless you spend your time working on ways to boost your sales, you’re never going to build the kind of business you need to be successful.

Are You Tired of Getting Rejected by Prospects?

Do you wish you knew how to make your calls and voice mails truly resonate with your prospective clients?

What if I told you there’s a better way?

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Lots of account managers and sales reps face these struggles, but the ones who succeed get help – they hire the right coach.

There is a solution.

Join my one-to-one 4-week e-Course and you will learn how to get positive results starting with Week One.

This note arrived from a business development manager who recently completed the e-Course:

“I believe this course has helped me tremendously in how I present material to the customers,
how I frame my intended conversations, and how I respond to their objections.”

Byl Beasley, Business Development Manager
Repro Products, Smyrna, Georgia

There are very effective methods I can teach you, so you can increase your effectiveness and build your business.

To Find out How this e-Course Fits with Your Situation

1.) Send a message to me with your name, company name + email address and I’ll respond to you within 24 hours.

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How to Keep More Prospects Interested

“My introduction on my cold calls has been helped by Ann Barr’s e-Course. I can now keep more people on the phone and interested in what I have to offer. As soon as I started using the information from Ann’s class I signed up two new accounts!”

Hugo Garcia, Houston, Texas

Can Get Better Responses from Prospects

“After taking part in Ann Barr’s four-week e-Course, I’ve been more comfortable making calls and I’m getting better response from prospects during the calls.
Thank you, Ann!”

Jonathan Thacker,
Indiana Business Equipment, Terre Haute, Indiana

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  • Use authentic words that will cause the prospect to trust you and feel that you are there to help her rather than “just get the sale.”
  • Find out exactly how to create trust during the first call.
  • Discover specific questions to ask the prospect that will motivate her to think and share important information you need to move forward with the sale.

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