What Happened to Voicemail?

woman-wearing-beanie-with-cell-phoneMost sales people I talk with say they NEVER leave voice mail messages.

But here’s a question for you:

How many callbacks do you get if you DON’T leave a voicemail?

Answer:  Zero.

You CAN get your message across, despite voice mail roadblocks.

First of all, think of the person listening to your voice mail message.

Think about ways you can make your message not only interesting, but motivational.

True Fact:

You CAN motivate the listener to be curious or interested enough to want to return your call.


Get their attention immediately – within the first 14 seconds, according to research.

4 best attention-getting voicemail tactics

  1. Make your introductory statement short and to the point. See example below.
  2. Talk about something new.
  3. Explain how it benefits the listener.
  4. Use one or two positive power words with a time-sensitive message.

Example: Mortgage company employee calling a homeowner

“Hi [prospect’s name]. This is [sales rep’s name] calling from [name of mortgage company] at [sales rep’s telephone number].”

“I’m calling you tonight to alert you about some new refinancing options that are available for your mortgage loan. Our records show that we can save you several thousand dollars by lowering your interest rate and if you would like to learn more, please call us at [telephone number]. We don’t know how long this low rate will last, so please call me back as soon as possible. That’s [telephone number]. I look forward to talking with you soon.”

Why would this message prompt a call back?

Because the caller used a benefit statement for the listener with three Positive Power words: “new,” “your”and “alert.” And the message is time sensitive.

If you are brave enough to make an hour’s worth of phone calls for three days each week – with 50 to 80 percent going to voice mail – do this:

  • Give the prospect a good reason to call you back.
  • Make notes and keep track of all voice mail messages you leave.
  • Post your notes in a prominent place where you can easily see them.
  • Next to each name on your list, write the reason for the call, so you won’t be shocked and speechless when they DO return your call.

Do not be disappointed if you don’t get a call back the same day or the next day or the next. You will see a good reason to be patient on this page – based on my personal experience.


Why bother to leave a voicemail message?


Three reasons why it is important to leave a voicemail message

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a beautiful day!


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The End of Voice Mail?

man-earphones-medFrom Destinationcrm.com “Companies are losing a lot of business opportunities because people are not leaving voice mail messages.”

Recent statistics from Forbes magazine show that 80 percent of callers sent to voicemail do not leave messages because they don’t think they’ll even be heard.

And yet, voice mail messages that are helpful reminders or actually solve problems CAN get returned. Maybe not with just one voice mail message or two or even three.

Do they need what you can provide?

Three voice mail messages I received last year from the same person were attention getters because I needed the service her company provided.  The messages were a week apart.  I did not return the calls until after the 3rd voice mail message.  But I’m glad I did.

Why 3 voice mail messages? 

Because the caller was pleasantly persistent.  (Very important.) 

The purpose of those three messages:

It was time to renew my AAA (American Automobile Association) membership.

Why didn’t I return the call the first time? Or the second time?   Procrastination on my part. (Some of YOUR prospects may also be procrastinators and will need to hear more than just one or two voice mail messages…just saying.) 

When I finally called back after listening to the 3rd voice mail message – and renewed the membership, I was sooo glad I did because a week later, this happened.

An Unexpected Problem

It was a scorching hot August day (100 degrees) in the middle of the afternoon.

I walked out of the grocery store holding two bags full of groceries…including my favorite chocolate ice cream.

But then … my car wouldn’t start.

Instead, there was a sad clicking sound.  Ugh.  Dead battery.

Worried about how fast the ice cream would melt, I phoned triple A and – wow – they were there in less than 10 minutes with the battery for my car!

At that moment I was grateful for the 3 voice mail reminders to renew the triple A membership.  Really grateful.

“If at first you don’t succeed…”

”Some of your prospects and clients could also be grateful for receiving multiple voice mail messages from you. You may be discouraged after not getting a call back after the 1st or 2nd voice mail message, but think about the example of success after I listened to 3 voice mail messages from the AAA, returned the third call and made the purchase. Whew.

You can leave an irresistible voice mail message

This is an excellent voice mail example from page 14 of Voice Mail Tips & Scripts –

“Hi Ann. Brian Kelly with XYZ Consulting Service at (his telephone number). I noticed you’ve been making some changes to your web site AnnBarr.com and I have some ideas about how to add a few elements to your site that would greatly increase traffic. We’ve done this for (person/firm in my industry who I might know) and they’ve achieved (important results). Let’s talk. My number Is (his phone number). I’ll try getting back to you as well.”

Important:  This message was not about his company. It was about my business and my desired results. That message definitely prompted a call back.

In Voice Mail Tips & Scripts, you’ll see 12 effective voice mail messages and much more, including:

  • The 5 steps in an effective voice mail message.
  • Step-by-step worksheets you can use to create your own unique voice mail message.
  • Find out how to avoid the biggest voice mail time wasters!
  • 12 proven successful scripts for different voice mail message situations.
  • Learn the tactful way to word your voice mail message to the prospect who did not return your first call . . . and your second call . . . and your third call.
  • Discover the six deadly voice mail mistakes that will get your call deleted!

Because Voice Mail Messages are Important:

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“Ann, thank you for what I would consider the best ROI percentage that I have ever experienced in 18 years. I downloaded and read just three pages in your Voicemail Tips ebook -jotted down a short message to leave at a customer I have called four times in the last two weeks with no reply and she called me back the next day!”

Steve Sheffield, President. Southwest Office Systems, Vancouver, WA

Think about it:
When you leave a compelling voice mail message for a prospect, you may be solving a problem or communicating a solution for someone looking for exactly what you can provide.

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Wonder Why No One Returns Your Phone Calls?

woman-thoughtful-tnThis is frustrating.

The client is already doing business with you. You feel you have a good relationship . . .

. . . yet your voicemail messages go unanswered. You do not get return calls.

Is that rude – or just the way business has changed in this fast-moving technological landscape?

My clients tell me they often get an email in response to their voice mail message.

But why not a return call?

Could be one of four reasons:

1.) The client is crazy busy with numerous projects.
2.) They are afraid a phone call will take up too much of their precious time.
3.) Your voice mail message is not giving the client an important enough reason to return your call.
4.) They feel email is more convenient that returning a phone call.

Three tips to get your calls returned:

  • Know what you want as a result of your voicemail message, in addition to a return phone call.
  • Organize your message so that you state the most important and attention-getting information first, since you may be cut off at any time.
  • Don’t leave a message lasting more than 30 seconds because most of us have very short attention spans.

A recent survey by ExactTarget.com was revealing.

From MarketingLand.com:

“ExactTarget asked almost 1,500 US online consumers (age 15 and up) about how they prefer to get permission-based marketing messages and a whopping 77 percent said email — a number that dwarfs all other options in the survey.”

You may not consider your voicemail messages to be marketing messages, yet this survey is still relevant as it applies to communicating with clients using a method they prefer.

But don’t stop using the telephone!

A telephone call and a good voicemail message still work and in my opinion have great value, even though you may not always get a call back.

You will get more calls returned when you use the tips and ideas in this e-book.

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a fantastic day!

– Ann


Why This Voice Mail Failed + How to Motivate a Return Call

woman-holding-cell-phone-outside=tnQuestion: Have you ever listened to a voice mail message and immediately returned the call?

Probably not, unless the call was from a good friend or relative or someone you really wanted to talk to.

With a sales call, It is not always easy – in a voice mail message – to say what you really want to say.

But – deciding ahead of time what you want to accomplish will make a big difference in the response you get.

Two Examples of Real Voice Mail Messages
One that failed and one that was successful in motivating a return call.
(The names have been changed to protect privacy.)

The Message that Failed Completely

“Hi Ann. This is Brian Kelly. I’m the senior account executive with XYZ Consulting Services. We are the world’s largest Web Site designing company, for many different types of businesses all over the world. I have a few ideas I wanted to run by you related to your current Web site. And just basically, I wanted to introduce myself. So when you have a chance, call me. Once again, this is Brian Kelly from XYZ at (his Web site address) and the number is (his telephone number). Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon.”

What do you think?  Would you have called him?

As the listener, I did not care that he is the “senior account executive.”

That title would not motivate most listeners to return the call.

I also do not care that his company is the world’s largest whatever.

It sounds like he’s trying to show that he’s a credible resource, but instead it seems like just self-promotion.

Then he said he wanted to “introduce” himself.

After introducing himself, then what?

He would probably want to tell me about his company’s services, hoping to convince me to buy.

Yet he’s given me no benefits – no reason to even consider talking with him.

This Message Prompted a Return Call
(From Page 14 of Voice Mail Tips & Scripts)

“Hi Ann. Brian Kelly with XYZ Consulting Service at (his telephone number).
I noticed you’ve been making some changes to your web site www.annbarr.com and I have some ideas about how to add a few elements to your site that would greatly increase traffic. We’ve done this for (person/firm in my industry who I might know) and they’ve achieved (specific results). Let’s talk. My number is (his phone number). I’ll try getting back to you as well.”

Notice the difference: It’s not about his company.

The message was about MY business and my desired results.

That message definitely prompted a call back.

If you’re looking for creative ways to motivate listeners to return your calls, check out this page.

Voice Mail Tips and Scripts includes 12 proven successful scripts for different voice mail situations, step-by-step worksheets to create your own unique message, and much more.voice-mail-tips-tn

Your investment for this valuable resource is just $9.97.



3 Reasons Why it is Important to Leave a Voice Mail Message

important-noteAnd why it is not a waste of time.

But . . .

. . .  it can be frustrating.

Making call after call and not reaching a human . . .

. . .  and just hearing a voice mail message.

How often do you end up listening to a voice mail message when you’ve made an outbound call?

Most of my clients have found it is upwards of fifty percent!

That’s why it is critical to leave an interesting and attention-getting message.

3 Reasons Why it’s Important to leave a Voice Mail Message

  1. Important – if you know who you are calling and why.
  2. Important – if you have a product or service s/he needs or wants.
  3. Important - if you leave a positive, attention-getting message with a good reason for the prospect to return your call..

Be prepared for not hearing back the same day or the next day – or even the next week.

Think about this:

With your voice mail message you are planting a “thought seed.”

The listener now knows your name and company name and what you can provide.

It is very possible s/he has been thinking about the need for what you have to offer.

But work can get in the way of making that call back to you.

Or life gets in the way.

In the back of their mind, they DO intend to phone you.  (The power of positive thinking.)

Sometimes they need – and will appreciate – a follow-up reminder call.

And  . . . have you made two or three phone calls to the same prospect and left voice mail messages but haven’t received a return call?

In my e-book Voice Mail Tips & Scripts, you will discover the perfect message to leave for that prospect.

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a spectacular day!

- Ann