The First Question Matters

woman-using-iphoneOne of two things happens when a caller (a stranger) asks a specific question that could sound interesting – or phony.

The listener (a prospect) might be curious and may want to continue listening … or not.

What happens when this question is asked?

(1.) Either the prospect is turned off by the question and ends the call


(2.) S/he continues to listen and answers the question with a “yes.”

The Question

“If I could show you a way to save a substantial amount of money with our copier, would you be interested?”

Whether or not the prospect answers the question depends on how the caller sounds before asking the question.

* Genuine or phony?

* Authentic or reading from a script?

The beginning of the call makes a huge difference.


Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you an awesome day!

– Ann




Best and Worst Time to Make Calls

ocean-ng-L0xOtAnv94Y-unsplashWant to make sure you are making calls at the best – and not worst – time?

 Marketing surveys have found these important facts:

Best day to make sales calls is Wednesday.

Worst day is Friday – the second half.

Best time to make your calls: between 4 and 5 pm.

Second best time: between 11 am and noon.

But …

Not Everyone Pays Attention to These Marketing Surveys

Louise Jones did not pay attention to the “best and worst times to make calls.”

She used her “to-do list” to set her schedule. And it worked!  


It was 4:45 on a rainy Friday afternoon when Louise picked up her phone.

She made a call on a day and at a time when experts say she should not have made a sales call.

Louise made a sale on that Friday afternoon.

Why was she successful at making that sale?

Because it didn’t matter to Louise that late Friday afternoon might not be a good time to contact clients.

It was on her To-Do list and she always followed her To-Do list. 

The Power of Positive Thinking

Her positive attitude and determination earned her a spot on the President’s list every year. Louise won cruises and trips to beautiful resorts. 

Most of us tell ourselves that Friday afternoon is a terrible time to call clients. And for most sales reps it IS a terrible time to make sales calls. That’s what the marketing surveys show.

Or Monday is not a good day to make sales calls.

When you think about it, though, it matters very much how we think about making those calls.

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.”  – Winston Churchill

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a positive day!

- Ann


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He did Not Want This Job

jeshoots-com-219388-unsplashWhy didn’t he want this job?

Maybe it was a dislike of the word “salesman.”

It could have been because he felt he didn’t have the right kind of personality…

… or thought he wouldn’t be good at it.


He IS good at this job!

For Three Important Reasons

1.) His product knowledge is excellent.

2.) His attitude is friendly and professional.

3.) He WANTS to be good at this job.

I’ve never met Kevin, but after working with him on the phone and by email, we both discovered that he is VERY good at his job.

This is what he wrote after completing the e-Course:

From Kevin

“This whole course has been a HUGE help, as I started off not wanting to do this job role. I have since been working on this more, and really enjoy what I have learnt and seeing the results and rewards pay off. Thanks, Ann!”

Kevin Norton, Alvan Equipment
Seatac, Washington

You may know someone like Kevin who is not completely confident at the beginning of a new sales position. If you do, please forward this post to him or her because it often takes a person outside of the company to help uncover talents and skills that may have been hidden for one reason or another.


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