Voice Mail Tips and ScriptsVoice Mail Tips and Scripts  E-Book
How to Get Your Voice Mail Messages Returned!

Did you know there are four compelling ways to motivate prospects to return your calls?

And do you know how to avoid the six most deadly voice mail mistakes?

As you study every word of this e-book, you will be surprised at how easy it is to start leaving voice mail messages that motivate prospects to return your calls.

And you will . . .

  • Learn the five steps in an effective voice mail message.
  • Get step-by-step worksheets you can use to create your own unique voice mail message.
  • Find out how to avoid the biggest voice mail time wasters!
  • Get 12 proven successful scripts for different voice mail message situations.
  • Learn the tactful way to word your voice mail message to the prospect who did not return your first call . . . and your second call . . . and your third call.
  • Discover the six deadly voice mail mistakes that will get your call deleted!

Feedback from readers

Steve Sheffield“The Best ROI in 18 Years!
Ann, thank you for what I would consider the best ROI percentage that I have ever experienced in 18 years. I downloaded and read just three pages in your Voicemail Tips -jotted down a short message to leave at a customer I have called four times in the last two weeks with no reply and she called me back the next day!”

Steve Sheffield, President
Southwest Office Systems
Vancouver, Washington

Steven Simonyi-Gindele“Ann Barr’s books stand apart from the others of this genre because it is not fluffed out with a lot of useless anecdotes, philosophical musings, etc., but is usable, adaptable, easy to understand, practical, hands on stuff that is easy to teach to the sales staff. It is making a daily difference to our operations.”

Steven Simonyi-Gindele, CEO
ID Superstore, PICS SmartCard Inc.
Blaine, Washington

The further you read into this book, the more you will realize why some sales reps DO get their calls returned.

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