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scott-graham-5fNmWej4tAA-unsplashYou probably know that the way you ask questions today should be totally different than ever before.


Because many businesses are having financial difficulties due to the Coronavirus disease.

The questions you ask prospects and clients now require exceptional planning in order to build trust and get the answers you need – to understand how you can help the prospect/client.

Getting Results

Emily Turcan has gained critical information as a result of the questions she has been asking after completing my e-Course.

From Emily

“This e-Course has given me a sense of confidence to outwardly ask questions that in the past made me feel uncomfortable. I am now able to gain information I previously would have let fall through the cracks. Thanks, Ann!”

Emily Turcan
Statistical Sales Analyst
ACT 3D Equipment and Sales
Cromwell, CT

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When Does Price Really Matter?

calculator-178127_640“Price only matters when nothing else matters.” – Barry Davret, writer, ghostwriter

 This is important:

 When you think about it – and think about people who seem to only care about price – 90 percent of the time there is actually more they DO care about…

… like 

  • Quality products that do what clients NEED them to do, or
  • Outstanding service that makes their work and life better, or
  • Easy ways to get in touch with sales reps, or
  • Knowledgeable experts who can answer your questions, or
  • Fast delivery of products

    The challenge is:

    How do you learn what is more important to prospects than price?

    Answer -

    Ask questions that get the most genuine answers!

    Click here to see effective questions you can ask – to get the answers you need.


Here is a proven successful way you can ask the questions that get honest answers you need to move forward.  (This is a long article, so if you’re in a hurry, scroll halfway down on this page to “One Question gets an Honest Answer.“)

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