4 Ways to Avoid Rejection during Cold Calls

woman-using-iphoneIf the word “telemarketing” is not one of your favorite words, this message is for you.

It is not a favorite word for many who have been hired for the purpose of making cold calls,


…the fear of rejection is real and painful.

It is the reason many salespeople don’t make cold calls…or make very few calls.

“Connecting with your future loyal clients” is a better way to think about cold calling.


And you can do it without feeling sleazy.

If you are experiencing rejection on your sales calls, you’ll learn that it may not be your fault.

It could be the fault of the selling approach you are using during cold calls.

4 Ways to Avoid Rejection during Cold Calls

First – and very important – motivate yourself.

1.) Before you start making cold calls, read the positive testimonials customers have written for you or your company’s products or services.

2.) Approach your calls with the knowledge that you are helping people because you have a product or service that will make their lives better or easier.

3.) Spend time with positive people and stay away from negative co-workers.

4.) Register for my 4-week private e-Course because I will teach you how to make a positive difference – and feel more comfortable – in the way you approach prospects by phone.


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Think about this:

The fear of rejection starts with a lack of self-confidence.

Confidence is a state of mind.

It is something that we do, not something that we are.

It is a way of thinking.

That means it is something everyone can learn.

And it is easier than you think.

I can teach you how to avoid rejection by changing your marketing approach and help you increase your self-confidence.

How do I know this?

Read what Amber Strong wrote after completing my e-Course:

“After completing Ann’s 4-week e-Course, I have experienced less outright rejection and my confidence has increased. Thank you, Ann!”

-Amber Strong, South Coast Copy Systems,
Solana Beach, California
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During this private e-course, you will:

  • Find out the best way to overcome phone fear + build your self-confidence,
  • Brainstorm your attention-getting opening statement so prospects will want to listen to you,
  • Find out which questions to ask prospects to get the information you need,
  • Learn how to connect with prospects and get them involved in a conversation and
  • Pave the way to a successful follow-up call,
  • Discover three effective ways to get through screeners,
  • 7 ways to answer objections – and
  • 10 ways to ask for the order or appointment,
  • Find out which voice mail messages will get your call returned.

If you want to find out exactly how to start increasing your sales right away, I can help you. Phone me at 757.463.0924 or:

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Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a beautiful day!

-  Ann
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How to Set a New Appointment without Cold Calling

woman-smartphone-waterHow can you make a good impression and set a new appointment without cold calling?

How do you get straight to the decision maker without making a phone call?

If you are making call after call and reaching too many voice mail messages, and you are unable to get through to the decision maker, there is something you can do to get directly to her or him.


It takes more time than making cold calls, but you get better results – and no rejection.

It is what I did at the beginning of my sales career to motivate decision makers to call me.  I took the time to do this because I was ambitious, motivated and wanted to prove that my method would actually work.

This is what I did

I composed and printed a convincing letter directed at the needs of law firms because my company at the time had a product that would solve their problems.

Then I took a list of 150 law firms (with decision-makers’ contact names) home with me one weekend, along with 150 envelopes and 150 stamps.

During the weekend at home I hand addressed all 150 envelopes with contact name, including the return address of my company, signed 150 letters, stuffed them into the envelopes, put a stamp on each one and mailed them. Yep. Snail mail.


A handwritten, personally-addressed letter usually goes (unopened) from the secretary directly to the decision maker. I know this because in a previous life I was a secretary.

A Wonderful thing happened next

A few days after I mailed the letters, calls came in for ME from top people in the law firms who received my letters. Nice!

They requested an appointment with me and I made my first big sale of six units.  Woo Hoo!

I have included this “letter to request an appointment” on page 11 of my 76 page e-book which also contains a compelling testimonial request letter & fax-back form along with 63 copy-and-paste business and marketing letters.

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This powerful e-book includes:

  • Introductory Letters
  • Letter to request an appointment
  • Sales Letters
  • Collection Letters
  • Anniversary Letter
  • Special Announcement Letters
  • Letters of Recognition
  • Congratulatory Letters
  • New ownership, new location, notice of company name change, follow-up and thank-you letters
  • Testimonial request letter and fax-back form
  • Letters to win back inactive customers

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