3 Reasons to Hate Cold Calling

Woman-eyes-fear-tnYou know that horrible dream where something bad is happening and you can’t stop it?

Or where you’re trying to talk but can’t?

This will all make sense in a minute.

Okay, back to cold calling.

Three reasons to hate it.

1.)  If you’re the victim (excuse me . . . the prospect) and the caller is obviously reading a boring script and drones on and on without even pausing or asking you a question.

Or –

2.)  When you are a newly hired telesales person who has been handed a script and told to “just make calls” (without any training.)

Or –

3.)  When you are making a cold call and the prospect suddenly asks you a question you are totally not prepared to answer.

The horrible dream is coming true.

The prospect is asking a question and – like in the dream – you can’t answer.

What to do

1.) As the prospect you can choose to either politely use a reason to end the call or just (sorry cold caller) hang up.

2.) As the newly hired telesales rep, prepare yourself BEFORE starting to “just make calls.” Read your employer’s website. The entire website. Find out as much as you can about the company, products and services you will be calling about. Ask about the objectives your manager wants to achieve – in addition to making a sale.

Does your manager want you to find out from the prospect:

  • Updated contact information?    Necessary.
  • Name of the decision maker?    Necessary.
  • Info about products the prospect is currently using or buying?    Necessary.

3.)  Be prepared with the magic “all-purpose response” in case the prospect asks you an unexpected question.

If you have been part of my one-to-one e-Course you know what the “all-purpose response” is.

More tips about cold calling:

5 Cold Calling Mistakes

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5 Cold Calling Mistakes

Watching a business associate listening to a cold call prompted this article.

When the phone rang, he picked it up and listened.  After what seemed like 30 minutes of listening (it was probably only five minutes, but still too long) he finally said: “I don’t need any” and hung up.

Whoever phoned him was obviously just reading a script and talking about whatever products he wanted to sell.  Borrrring. :(

5 Cold Calling Mistakes + Tips to Keep the Prospect Interested

Mistake #1. Not researching the prospect and business you are calling.

Tip:  Do some research on the prospect and her/his company before you call.

Spending a few minutes on research will yield big results.

Otherwise s/he will know that you are just “smiling and dialing” randomly.

It’s so simple these days to obtain good solid information on a prospect prior to picking up the phone.

Google the prospect’s name or check LinkedIn.com and you can get really useful information.

Mistake #2. Not Asking questions.

Tip:  If you take the time to ask questions to find out what the prospect needs and what is important to her, you will get honest answers.

If you don’t bother to ask these questions, how can you uncover needs and pains?

How can you try to sell something when you don’t even know what the prospect needs or wants?

Without asking questions, it sounds like you’re just in it for the sale, your quota and your paycheck.

Asking questions the right way prompts a conversation instead of a monologue.

Open-ended questions keep the prospect on the phone with you longer. It works like magic.

Mistake #3. Not Listening to answers.

Tip: If the prospect has something to share, stop talking long enough to listen.

Really listen, don’t just hear the words.

Mistake #4. Don’t say you “will be in the area.”

There is nothing worse than hearing those words from a cold caller.

That sales technique went out in the 80′s.

It is one of the fastest, most effective ways to induce a hang-up in record-breaking time and shut down the call.

Tip:  Be honest and ask to set up an appointment if there is any interest.

Mistake #5. Not using the prospect’s name.

There’s no sweeter music to the ears for most people than the sound of their own name.

Tip:  Don’t use his name too often because you will sound like a pushy sales person.

Remember that we are all subconsciously conditioned to respond with openness to our name and a question.