4 Email Mistakes that Make You Sound Rude and Uncaring

wrong-way-medWhenever you place your fingers on the keyboard, you have an opportunity to lift someone’s spirits — or sink them.

Eventually, your words will reach a living, breathing, feeling human being.

The thing I would love you to think about is:

Emails are important. They matter.

When you follow up with a prospect who asks you to email a quote on a specific product they are considering buying, you may think s/he is already sold.


They are not sold.

If they were already sold, you would have the order.

Four follow-up email mistakes that sound rude and uncaring. (And you DO care, right?)

  1. “The quote is $5,000.”
    (Writer of this email was obviously in a hurry and didn’t have time to list benefits & a call to action.)

(End of email, with writer’s name.)

  1. “Here is the quote you asked for. $5,000.”
    (Same mistake as #1.)

(End of email, with writer’s name and title.)

  1. “This is the quote you requested. It is $5,000 and is only good for today. The price goes up tomorrow.”
    (A hard-sell email; not friendly.)

(End of email, with writer’s name, title and phone number.)

  1. “I sent you a quote two days ago and haven’t heard back from you.”
      (Sounds a lot like nagging :(

(End of email, with writer’s name, title and phone number.)

These are actual emails I have seen.

Do they sound friendly?


They sound rude and like “I don’t care if you buy or not.”

It doesn’t take much time to write a nice, friendly email that lets the prospect know their business is important to you.

A Friendly and Polite Follow-up Email:

“Thank you for the opportunity to quote on _________________.
You will enjoy the time saving and cost-saving benefits of this ___________.

“Your quote is $5,000. The vendor has informed us the price will be increased next month, so it’s best to let me know your decision as soon as possible.

“If you have questions, feel free to phone me at ______________.

“I look forward to working with you.

“Have a great day!”

(your name, title & phone number)


A Personalized and Warm Email Response to a Question

Just today I received a warm and friendly email as an answer to a question I emailed to my favorite skin care company.   Here it is:

Hi Ann,

Thanks for writing in with your great questions!

All of our skincare can be used together or separately!  We do suggest . . . (she included important information about using the products.)

I hope that answers your questions!

Much love,

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