An Unexpectedly Awesome Email

girl-child-happyEven though the company’s marketing is always brilliant, this email was unexpectedly awesome.

The personalized nature of the message caught my attention immediately.  Notice how many times the word “you” is used.

Here is the text, with the name of the business not included:

Subject Line: 30% Off for You, One of our Best Customers

“Of course, you’re one of our best customers so you already know that one of the best ways to clear your mind, is to live clean—that means an organic, whole foods diet, environmentally sound supplies for your home, and chemical-free skin care.

“While our blog is dedicated to education in things like healthy living and creating an eco-friendly community, our real passion is providing you with organic and wildcrafted skin care—you know you can trust our products all the way from the ethically sourced, nonGMO seed to the synthetic-free pump in the palm of your hand.

“You’ve been loyal to our line, and we want you to know it isn’t unnoticed, so we made you a 30% off coupon code that you can use for this whole month.

“It expires January 31st so you have plenty of time to use it, but we suggest using it today so that you have the chance to order again with your coupon before month’s end.”

The next day another brilliant email from the same company:


“Take 30% off on all full size products through January 31.

“We know for certain that we couldn’t follow our honest, wild, beautiful, path without your loyalty and dedication to your own honest, wild beauty.

“We would love to scream “Thank you, Ann!” from the rooftops but you probably wouldn’t hear us all the way in Virginia Beach so instead, we made you a 30% coupon that you can use for the entire month of January.

“Treat yourself right this year—whether it is stocking up on your old favorites or trying something new—you deserve 30% off any full size or accessory you like—just use code __________ when you’re checking out.

“We don’t offer this coupon but once a year, and only to the select few people, like you, that make our community great.

“So thanks again for a wonderful 2017, and here’s to a beautiful 2018!”

This well-written email had the effect of causing me to feel appreciated as a customer and eager to use the 30% off coupon.

An absolute success!

And… to you from me:  Happy New Year!


PS: If you have been reading my blog, you know the identity of this successful company :-)

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7 Words That Won the Sale by Email

typing-hands-keyboardThis is what happened:

The grass was growing taller in my front yard.

The weeds were everywhere.

Not a pretty sight.

Then the rain started falling . . . softly at first with a soothing pitter-patter sound against the windows, but soon turned into a very loud thunderstorm that frightened my cat Zoey.

The rainstorm cooled the temperature down, which was a relief after five straight sweltering days of 90 degree hot and humid weather.

But the cooling rain resulted in taller grass and more weeds.

My lawn looked worse than ever.

Most of my neighbors cut their own grass, but I don’t own a lawn mower. . . and don’t want to.

And that’s not all.

The person who cut the grass and took care of my lawn for 10 years had moved to another state.

I searched the Internet for a local lawn maintenance service and found with the headline: “A local pro for every project.”

Sounded good, so might as well give it a try.

I filled in the form with my name, email address, plus the service I was looking for and then submitted the information.

Within an hour, four bids from local lawn care services arrived by email.

All were pretty much alike with services I needed and references, plus prices.

There were good “before and after” photos of pretty green grass and colorful flowers.

Hmm . . . how to decide?

But the decision became easier because . . .

. . . one email stood out from the others with words that grabbed my attention.

I obviously had a need, and these seven words in one email jumped out:

“We can do it anytime on Thursday.”

Great!  We exchanged emails and a phone call.  I hired them.

Funny thing about words in emails.

Emails can be creative.

They can help or hurt or just be boring.

The words in emails can lose a sale or win a sale.

This email definitely won the sale with 7 important words: “We can do it anytime on Thursday.”

The price for this service was higher than what I had been paying for 10 years :-(

But I needed to have my grass cut – soon – and this company said they could fill the need.

And that proves you don’t have to be cheaper to win new clients.

They did the job very well.  They have a new client.

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