Why Bother to Leave a Voice Mail Message?

question-mark-block-tnYou probably already know this from experience, but unfortunately . . .

. . . only a small percentage of prospects will return calls.

So, should you just forget about leaving a voice mail message?

Or . . .

. . . can you use voice mail to your benefit?

You may feel that, because prospects often do not call back, leaving a voice mail message is a waste of time.

But . . .

. . . think about this:

Voice mail is a form of communication, like email or text messages.

Don’t let the one-way aspect of voice mail stop you from taking advantage of its benefits.

When the prospect hears benefits – for her/him – s/he WILL listen as long as the benefits are included in the first 6 seconds of the voice mail message.

There are some messages that will not be returned, like this one:

“Hi -This is [name of caller]. I’m the senior account executive with XYZ Consulting Services. We are the world’s largest Web Site designing company, for many different types of businesses all over the world.

”Basically, I wanted to introduce myself. So when you have a chance, call me. Once again, this is [name of caller] from XYZ at (his Web site address) and the number is (his telephone number). Thanks. I hope to hear from you soon.”

What do you think?

Would you have called him?

Did you read any benefits for the listener?

It may be important that he is the “senior account executive” – or it may sound like he was just trying impress.

And to hear that his company is the world’s largest, how does that benefit the listener?

A much more effective voice mail message:

“Hi. This is _________ with XYZ Consulting Service at (telephone number). I noticed you’ve been making some changes to your web site www.annbarr.com and I have some ideas about how to add a few elements to your site that would greatly increase traffic. We’ve done this for (insert well-known person or firm in the industry) and they’ve achieved (specific positive results). Let’s talk. My number is (repeat number). I’ll try getting back to you as well.”

That message will be returned 90 percent of the time because it is about benefits for the prospect.

Unless a voice mail message is really bad, people do listen to voice mail, and you can use it to your advantage.

One advantage of voice mail is that it lets prospects know that you’re attempting to reach them.

You can also remind them of your company name and business, keeping it fresh in their minds along with solutions you can provide.

It sets the connection in motion; your prospects might forward your message to others in the company, who, in turn, save it for later, or they look up your company on the Internet, etc.

Prospects who don’t return calls are often considering what you have to offer.

It is not unusual for a prospect, once you get them on the phone, to say something like, “I listened to your voice mail and looked at your website.”

It is also not unusual for prospects to be prepared to talk when you call because they’ve researched your company.

Remember that the ball is in your court, so it is to your benefit to leave a compelling voice mail message if you want a call back.

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