4 Easy Ways to Beat the Competition

hannah-busing-ff5K3-kYPHA-unsplashRita called when I was ready to place a large order.

The phones were busy and I was in a hurry.

The fax machines were spitting out tempting advertisements.

But when Rita called I always listened.


Because when I was very new at the job she always had an answer for any question I asked.

We sold a variety of products, so there was much to learn.

She outsold her competition because of four reasons:

1.) Rita offered to help with any question I had

2.) She was never in a hurry to “get the sale.”

3.) Rita differentiated herself without trashing the competition

4.) She always attached value to her products and service

This is important

Research has found that 82% of salespeople fail to differentiate themselves from competition!


They either:

     * Fail to sell value, or

     * Don’t get their price, or

     * Lose the business

Ask yourself these questions:

  • In what ways is your company different- in  a good way – from your competition?
  • What are your company’s strengths?
  • What does your company offer or provide that your competitors do not?

    When you talk with prospects and clients, let them know what they get (what’s in it for them) when they buy from you (if true) :
  • Top quality products
  • Ease of ordering
  • Personal service
  • Product knowledge
  • Fast delivery
  • Locally-owned business

 And don’t forget about you. They get YOU!

Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a spectacular day!


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