This 4-Letter Word Earned a Sale

william-iven-8515-unsplashThis word is rarely used in a business setting.

But using it in the right situation and in a genuine way makes a big difference.

One example of how this 4-letter word earned a sale – true story:

I phoned the local newspaper to cancel my subscription.

The person I spoke with at the newspaper used all the right words – especially one compelling “positive power” word – to try and change my mind.

First she said, “I’m so sorry you have decided to cancel.”
(She sounded as though she meant it.)

Her important question:

“May I ask why you would like to cancel your subscription?”

I was truthful, and answered: “Because I get most news online and don’t usually have time to read the newspaper.”

Her response was to describe a new “special offer.” 

After telling me about the offer she asked: “Would you like to try that for 14 weeks?” 

I said “yes!”

It was an offer I couldn’t resist, especially when she used that persuasive 4-letter word.  

What was that magic word – and how did she use it?

“We would LOVE to keep you as a subscriber.”

Three reasons she earned the sale: 

(1.)  I felt as though she really cared and didn’t want to lose me as a subscriber.
(Whether that was true or not, it was the impression she communicated.)

(2.)  I didn’t want to say “no” because she used all the right words and – honestly – I felt she deserved the sale.

(3.)  She asked for the sale!

If you have not been using the word love in your conversations with prospects and clients because you feel it is not professional…

… think again.

Because it works!


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What Happened to Voicemail?

woman-wearing-beanie-with-cell-phoneMost sales people I talk with say they NEVER leave voice mail messages.

But here’s a question for you:

How many callbacks do you get if you DON’T leave a voicemail?

Answer:  Zero.

You CAN get your message across, despite voice mail roadblocks.

First of all, think of the person listening to your voice mail message.

Think about ways you can make your message not only interesting, but motivational.

True Fact:

You CAN motivate the listener to be curious or interested enough to want to return your call.


Get their attention immediately – within the first 14 seconds, according to research.

4 best attention-getting voicemail tactics

  1. Make your introductory statement short and to the point. See example below.
  2. Talk about something new.
  3. Explain how it benefits the listener.
  4. Use one or two positive power words with a time-sensitive message.

Example: Mortgage company employee calling a homeowner

“Hi [prospect’s name]. This is [sales rep’s name] calling from [name of mortgage company] at [sales rep’s telephone number].”

“I’m calling you tonight to alert you about some new refinancing options that are available for your mortgage loan. Our records show that we can save you several thousand dollars by lowering your interest rate and if you would like to learn more, please call us at [telephone number]. We don’t know how long this low rate will last, so please call me back as soon as possible. That’s [telephone number]. I look forward to talking with you soon.”

Why would this message prompt a call back?

Because the caller used a benefit statement for the listener with three Positive Power words: “new,” “your”and “alert.” And the message is time sensitive.

If you are brave enough to make an hour’s worth of phone calls for three days each week – with 50 to 80 percent going to voice mail – do this:

  • Give the prospect a good reason to call you back.
  • Make notes and keep track of all voice mail messages you leave.
  • Post your notes in a prominent place where you can easily see them.
  • Next to each name on your list, write the reason for the call, so you won’t be shocked and speechless when they DO return your call.

Do not be disappointed if you don’t get a call back the same day or the next day or the next. You will see a good reason to be patient on this page – based on my personal experience.


Why bother to leave a voicemail message?


Three reasons why it is important to leave a voicemail message

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3 Examples of Thoughtful Marketing

woman-thoughtful-face-on-chin_1_50The process of marketing, when you think about it, first involves emotion.

Think about the new car you purchased and how excited you were the first time you drove the car. There was the “new car smell” and how good you felt driving your new vehicle.

Even the anticipation of buying something you really want is enough to start picturing yourself owning the thing that will fill you with positive emotions.

Successful marketing focuses on how the buyer feels about what is being sold.

Because you care – and you believe your products and services are the best available – think about how you can successfully communicate to prospects the feeling of the excellent quality and benefits you provide.  Because:

“If you have a great offering, weak marketing actually does everyone a disservice.”
– Stefanie Flaxman, Rainmaker Digital

Three Examples of Thoughtful Marketing

1.) This attention-getting email I received last week from a website designer was very different from messages sent by other website designers:

Subject line: “I have some exciting ideas for your website.”

The two positive power words in the message: “exciting” and “your” immediately caught my attention. I felt the writer actually read my website and knew how to improve it.  I opened and read the email and saved it for future use and action. 

2.) Feeling Good After the Sale

Just as important as feeling good before the sale, the after-sale feeling is critical.

After I placed an order on the Zulily website, a confirmation of the order arrived by email with these words:

“You have such good taste!”

Even though I realize these words are most likely sent to all buyers after a sale, still it was a “feel good” message.

3.) These are the words on a small brochure included with something I ordered from Amazon and received 2 days later:

“You have in your hands the World’s Best ___________.”

The wording in this brochure made me feel more confident about the quality of this product and happy that I ordered it.  Nice!

Both of these after-the-sale messages began with the word “you,” one of the top positive power words.

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Best Subject Line I’ve Seen and it Might Work for You

attention-grabbing-signFor your email to NOT be immediately deleted, your subject line needs to get attention and interest or curiosity.

Yesterday an interesting message came to me because I’m a customer of Vital Choice Seafood. They send emails once a week and I don’t usually read them unless there is something I want to order.

Emailing to customers can be challenging if you don’t want them to think:

“Oh, it’s her again. I don’t need to read this.”

But the subject line was so compelling I had to open and read the email.

This was the subject line:

Preferred Customer Alert

Wow! That immediately grabbed my attention because of the two specific positive power words:

“Preferred” and “Alert.”


Marketing research has found that attention-getting positive power words motivate consumers to read emails and sales letters.

More positive power words you can use to attract attention:

Program, savings, exciting, convenient and excellent.  But not all in one sentence :)

There are other words that will increase sales, like these 7 words that made the sale by email.

And when you use these 4 words, your clients will love you.

Increasing Call-Back Rates

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