Use These 4 Words and Your Clients Will Love You

Sunday afternoon my niece Kathryn phoned me and started the conversation with four thoughtful words.

Actually, Kathryn used the same words in an email she sent to me the day before with the same lovely effect.


Kathryn, my unforgettable nieceInteresting:  These four words can be used very effectively when speaking with clients. (And . . . no . . . one of the words is not “love.”) It is one way you can become unforgettable if you are not already :-)

(This is Kathryn, my unforgettable niece, teaching a class.)

Beginning a conversation with these four words – if you genuinely mean what you are saying – is a guaranteed way to capture attention with a client or a friend or a family member.

Those four special words?

“I thought of you . . . “

In Kathryn’s case, she thought of me when she watched a TV show about people living near the Atlantic ocean.

How you can use these words with clients

When a business situation involves contacting clients about a special offer, you can start off with:

“I thought of you when this special offer became available.  Because you purchased the XYZ copier, this would be a great time for you to stock up on __________________.”

Rather than just smiling and dialing using the same old script to announce the special offer, use those four words and you will create a personal connection with the client.

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Thanks for reading – here’s wishing you a beautiful day!

- Ann