“This program is really great!  I’ve learned how to personalize the message for the prospect and have been able to find companies who are looking to buy within the next year. The worksheets very naturally drag out ideas for me. As a result of this course, I am a lot more confident than I was. Thanks for all of your help, Ann.”

Chad Hale, Business Development Director
Superior Document Solutions, Duluth, Georgia


“Ann, during your e-Course I have gotten more confidence in speaking and relaying to people the information I need in order for me to help them. People seem to respond and open up to me with more information. Thank you!”

Marie Grace Dace, Account Executive
Maunakea Integrated Solutions
Honolulu, Hawaii


“This whole e-course has been a HUGE help to me because I started off not wanting to do this job. I have since been working on this more and really enjoy what I have learnt and seeing the results and rewards pay off. Thanks Ann!”

Kevin Norton, Allvan Equip
Seatac, Washington


“This e-Course has given me a sense of confidence to outwardly ask questions that in the past made me feel uncomfortable. I am now able to gain information I previously would have let fall through the cracks. Thanks, Ann!”

Emily Turcan
Statistical Sales Analyst
ACT 3D Equipment and Sales
Cromwell, CT


“Ann, norman-dean-tnafter being part of your e-Course, I now have better decision making, better control of meetings and handling objections to shorten the sales cycle. Thank you!”

Norman Deane, Senior Office Solutions Specialist
Repro Products, Smyrna, Georgia


“Ann, Your e-Course helped me become more successful as a sales rep because I now know how to acquire the information needed to develop a relationship with potential customers and how to be successful in increasing my personal sales.”

Christina Tolea, First Phase Data
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Steve-Lint2“Ann, since completing your e-course, I have been getting more opportunities to quote which have led to many new sales. Thanks for your great help!”

Steve Lint
Advanced Imaging Solutions, South Bend, Indiana



venetta“Using what I learned in Ann Barr’s e-class, I have actually changed my initial greeting. I really feel like this has helped me gain more trust in the eyes of my prospect and has given me more credibility.”

Venetta Diesel, Managed Print Services Manager
Millennium Business Systems, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Everything I have learned in this course, I have been using now on a daily basis. I have been able to have better conversations with prospects and customers because of changing the way I phrase questions. Also, using the cold call email you helped me with, I have gotten more responses. Thank you, Ann!”

Jessica Whittle, The Fax and Printer Guy
Halifax, Nova Scotia


Daniel Keeth“Ann Barr’s e-Course jump-started my sales!”

Daniel Keeth
Senior Account Manager
LaserCycle USA, Louisville, Colorado



Ronelle Ingram-2015-btaAfter 25 years of successfully running a 50+ person service department; I was put in charge of our Telemarketing group. I immediately turned to Ann Barr for assistance. Listening, reading and attending Ann Barr’s training sessions enabled me to quickly ramp up the revenues and profits within our outbound telemarketing group. Ann brought a wealth of knowledge and civility to the selling of office equipment supplies. Always gracious and polite, Ann Barr taught me how to improve the selling skills of all of my telephone reps. Thanks Ann!

Ronelle Ingram, VP Technical Service, Steven Enterprises, Inc.
                                    Orange County, California


“After taking part in Ann Barr’s four-week e-Course, I’ve been more comfortable making calls and I’m getting better response from prospects during the calls. Thank you, Ann!”

Jonathan Thacker, Indiana Business Equipment


Rusty Johnson“Ann Barr is one of the most professional women that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her ability to relate to others and communicate the essence of her business objectives is laudatory. Her follow through, attention to detail and prompt responsiveness is without peer.”

Rusty Johnson, Owner, MPS Intelligence, Inc., Virginia Beach, VA


Marisol-Aroyo-LinkedIn-tn“Taking part in your 4 week e-Course has been very motivating. I look forward to each week, each telephone conversation. I am using the ideas from your class and they really work. Thank you, Ann!

Marisol Aroyo, Account Executive, Carolina Wholesale, Charlotte, NC


chris-gallagher“I have achieved an IMMEDIATE ROI leveraging Ann Barr’s best practices in prospecting – telephone, email marketing, how to identify all opportunities within existing accounts, communicating with the “C-level,” differentiating my solution vs. the competition in a concise manner. She is the best resource in the industry!”

Chris Gallagher, Green Office Partner, Chicago, Illinois


craig_faczan“I have always used and recommended Ann’s e-books for the past 15 years. There is always something new that works every time I review or introduce them to the companies I’ve worked for. You should check them out and buy them all.”

Craig Faczan
Strategic Major Account Consultant at SoCal Office Technologies
and Global Imaging Systems (A Xerox Company), Los Angeles, California


Donna-Bothner“I participated in Ann Barr’s online sales training seminar and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for valuable sales tips and strategies that can be used on a daily basis.  In addition to helping boost sales, Ann’s ideas and suggestions are effective tools in handling everyday situations and the topics covered are of extreme interest and that every sales person encounters at one time or another. It’s how you handle the situation that matters and Ann paves the way to understanding how to respond and reinforces the importance of maintaining a good rapport with customers as well as how to gain their respect. I have my own library of Ann’s sales booklets that I utilize and refer to all the time.”

Donna Bothner, Account Manager
Diversified Computer Supplies
Greater New York City area


Joseph-Wagner“I wrote this to Ann, unsolicited, three years ago. It stands as accurate (even more-so) today:
“I am very lucky to have stumbled into your email list! In my busy day, I get a lot of emails, I have only moments to quickly scan them, and discard most of them. Then there is “Ann”, my friend that I have never met. I try to glean a pearl of wisdom wherever I can, and sometimes you really come through! I can always count on your to-the-point postings to put some sense to my often bizarre work day. This latest, dealing with price objections, was a gem.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the good work you do. I really appreciate it, I’m certain many others do to. We normally just hear criticism. I like to make sure that people hear the compliments, as well.

“You make a difference, Ann Barr.”

Joseph Wagner, President
Employee Time Clocks,
Tampa, Florida


Steve Edrington“I’ve followed Ann for a long time. Her insight to what it takes to successfully sell as a business is spot on. She constantly reminds me in reading her blogs of the little things that make the difference in customers wanting to and remembering to buy from you, and that is invaluable.”

Steve Edrington, Co-Founder
Service Solutions, Louisville, Kentucky


Vincent Woodall“I remember buying a couple of e-books on sales and marketing from Ann. I managed to misfile them on my computer and could not remember the titles of the books. When I asked Ann to jog my memory she was able to get back to me within the hour I remember with the titles and purchase dates so that I was then able to find them very easily. Excellent service, in my opinion.”

Vincent Woodall, Mobile Mortgage and Finance Broker, Adelaide,South Australia